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phidippus carneus

  1. vakusdrake

    US Captive Reared Albuquerque slings: Phidippus Johnsoni, and Phidippus Carneus slings for $20 as well as older Phidippus Comatus slings for $25.

    The pregnant mothers were caught locally in Albuquerque. The slings were born in captivity and start losing their instinctive fear of people pretty quickly, such that the oldest Phidippus Comatus slings have no fear of humans and like to use my hand as a jungle gym. I made a free wiz website...
  2. Phidippus carneus 'montivagus'

    Phidippus carneus 'montivagus'

    'Carnal Jumper' mature male Need to get this charming fellow a lady asap!
  3. P carneus 'montivagus'

    P carneus 'montivagus'

    Small immature specimen found missing a palp, has molted and regenerated it. The next molt should return it to normal.
  4. Phidippus carneus 'montivagus form'

    Phidippus carneus 'montivagus form'

    Antepenultimate male This morph of carneus is known for its striking vivid red coloration and intense white markings. Both sexes are equally colorful.