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exo terra

  1. T

    Hey... from Germany

    Hello, I just started to get into the hobby. Even though I wanted to get spiders for several years now, and two years ago bought a big enclosure for a big spider (I wanted either T. stirmi or Xenesthis Immanis) I had now the passion to get started... I keep a X.I. female (~4-4,5cm body) now...
  2. Arlo

    Is my Exo-Terra enclosure good for my T?

    Hear me out. I know the use of Exo-Terra enclosures for terrestrials is pretty controversial in this community BUT I have made quite a few modifications to my 12x12x12 cube for my curly hair and would like to get your opinion on it. First of all, the pesky mesh lid had to go. It's been...
  3. Ahoy maties!

    Ahoy maties!

    An exo-terra for my acanthoscurria musculosa juvenile. She was 5cm at the time she arrived.
  4. Tootsie's new enclosure

    Tootsie's new enclosure

    A nano for a p. irminia's juvenile enclosure.