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  1. Edrotes ventricosus

    Edrotes ventricosus

    A cute little tenebrionid native throughout deserts in the southwest. larvae feed on roots, adults feed on grasses and amaranths
  2. Ophryastes argentatus 'Silver Desert weevil'

    Ophryastes argentatus 'Silver Desert weevil'

    Much larger than the other species in this genus, these can reach 2cm or greater in size. like the majority of the species in this genus, they can be readily found on creosotebush.
  3. Apleurus albovestitus

    Apleurus albovestitus

    another large desert weevil, this time in the cylindrical weevil family. these are mostly found on saltbush (atriplex) and can be found in huge numbers around the salton sink region
  4. Ophryastes desertus

    Ophryastes desertus

    Widespread throughout the mojave and colorado desert, the most common of the 'desert weevils'. Like nearly all ophryastes species, these are mostly found on creosotebush