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casey k

  1. M. balfouri husbandry

    M. balfouri husbandry

    Had to rehouse my balfouri duo, they are loving the driftwood slab with 7 inches of coconut fiber to set up shop with.
  2. P. cambridgei

    P. cambridgei

    My 2nd P. cam!! ❤
  3. M. balfouri

    M. balfouri

    Just got my little handsome balfouri today, his name is Salvatore. (Getting a better pic of the female, coming right up!)
  4. L. parahybana sling fresh molt

    L. parahybana sling fresh molt

    My wife's LP just molted today, she and I are so ecstatic! It's her first T! Look for her in the forum and give her a warm welcome her user name is Saved Bygrace. Thank you my T family, love you all!