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  1. Hemolymph

    End times are here: Murder Hornets!

    Wow, I got banned making a physical threat. Threats of murder are now being tolerated by a ass with no spiders, a ****ing troll. I’m outta here, piss off all ya.
  2. Hemolymph

    A Question Regarding Enclosure Sizes for Differently Sized Adult Tarantulas

    It’s all about the keepers preference. These are all adult size spiders you mentioned. There’s no limit in the wild. A 7” Brachypelma smithi lives it’s entire life of 25-30years in the same tiny burrow. It’s all up to you.
  3. Hemolymph

    GBB molt sex

    Wow, great photos. Maybe I should get a galaxy?
  4. Hemolymph

    Avicularia avicularia breeding

    Wish I could still have these. I loved all my Avics. :( Good luck my fingers are crossed for you.
  5. Hemolymph

    Comment by 'Hemolymph' in media 'dehaani'

  6. Hemolymph

    Comment by 'Hemolymph' in media 'Subspinipes'

    Just beautiful
  7. Hemolymph


    Great setup. Awesome thread. Keep us posted on the new developments.
  8. Hemolymph

    Avicularia avicularia sling refusing food

    Why wouldn’t it be the same?
  9. Hemolymph


    Depends on the species you intend to have in there.
  10. Hemolymph

    Arachnoclown's tarantula room and enclosures

    That should be pinned as a thread under sling enclosures by itself. Great photos.
  11. Hemolymph

    Paralyzed Tarantula (Tarantula Hawk Attack) Recovery tips?

    They never come back 100%. They always have long term issues down the road, mostly nervous system issues. They often die two or three molts after stung. All the threads and documentation don’t talk about long term, only the now. I tried saving them for 10-15 years as a kid growing up in...
  12. Hemolymph


    Curlies like the ambush method of feeding. Dropping a worm in front of them often startles them. Try something like crickets or roaches so it can pounce onto it’s moving prey.
  13. Hemolymph

    No problems

    There are some new drama queens around here that need to be muted my friend. You definitely are not one of them.
  14. Hemolymph

    How to post Video?

    You don’t live too far away for a ass kicking
  15. Hemolymph

    Feeling Like A Failure

    Looks like your one of the problems. Still a drama queen huh? I hate bullies. Nothing but drama since you showed up here.
  16. Hemolymph

    Avicularia enclosure upgrade.

    Looks great. Do you have holes in the lid too?
  17. Hemolymph

    Feeling Like A Failure

    Oh wow, if Clown is mad some of you all need to check yourselfs.
  18. Hemolymph

    US Tarantula websites

    Aaron’s a cool dude
  19. Hemolymph

    Fungus gnats

    Hydroponic shops. It may be that company isn’t around anymore but the same type of product has been around for ever. Glass dressing to kill gnats in hydroponic gardening is pretty popular. You won’t find it at a Home Depot or on line.
  20. Hemolymph

    What do you think of tarantula youtubers?

    Dark den is a horrible, a cringy keeper that is way over his head most of the time. He’s literally scared of his spiders. Seen him freak out and put his spiders in harms way before. Of coarse new keepers are going to like him, hes a nice guy. But seasoned keepers see through that **** fast...