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  1. Enzo C.

    Help! I dunno how to add a picture!

    When I wanted to add a picture to my post it said to put the "URL" (I know what URL's are) but what if you want to post a picture that came from your computer cuz urls are links. I don't really know much about this or I am just misunderstanding or I just need a little more knowledge :D Help pls...
  2. Enzo C.

    My GBB is afraid of eating mealworms!

    My GBB T is literally afraid of mealworms, she doesn't try to attack it or even go near. This one instance I cut the mealworm's legs and stabbed it (to pour its juice out) she just ran away in fear of the rapid movements the mw is making. How do I teach my gbb to eat it? :/