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    Lateralis roaches too small for large tarantulas?

    Lats will work just fine, you just have to feed them more. There are people who feed their adult spiders only crickets which aren’t that large either.
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    February 2020 Photo contest entries

    Its not one but two orb weavers “enjoying each other’s company.”
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    Birupes simoroxigorum

    Wow those aren’t usually just laying around. Good luck with it!
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    Breeding of Chilobrachys andersoni

    Thats awesome. I always enjoy watching the progression. Its certainly a lesson in patience!
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    What substrate?

    Topsoil for me. $2 per bag and never had an issue. The topsoil holds a surprising amount of moisture. The first time I used it the soil was moist out of the bag. I used it anyways thinking it would dry up quickly. After 2 weeks and almost no progress I dried some and did a rehouse.
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    I posted this thought/rant on Facebook a few minutes ago.

    Thats a big no go on store bought meat. I do like my steaks rare though. I’ll absolutely eat fresh killed venison raw occasionally. Its fantastic. Also had some incredible raw Kobe beef once but that's not one of those things I can afford to eat but on a special occasion.
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    Poecilotheria Striata issue?

    Poecs are pretty big hiders anyways. Its a bit strange for it to not eat though. If its not a mature male then just give it a week and try again. Make sure the water dish is full. If you are really curious to see it out and about try the middle of the night with a red flashlight.
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    Euathlus sp. metropolitanos

    I’ve not heard of it either. Did you get it at a pet store? It definitely looks H chilensis-y but not quite the same.
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    Is Palp Friction real? Did I get scammed?

    OP I sincerely hope it all works out, and I’m sure it will. I just completed a transaction with them and they shipped to me on 1/7, so they are (or were) shipping. Being completely honest though it was a total nightmare getting it to happen. I haven’t written a review on it yet because I...
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    Who's molted today

    Bought a 3” P muticus yesterday. Woke up this morning to a molt! Its male, but I got a good deal on him nevertheless.
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    I think we have a mistake

    I agree, stirmi. Sweet pickup. Definitely needs a bigger setup.
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    Crickets Vs. Roaches

    Usually cut up superworms for the slings. Occasionally I’ll give them to adults, but if they don’t take it right away I don’t give them a second chance because I hate losing the superworms in the substrate. Currently I buy a few dozen crickets once a week and feed them all off in a day or two...
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    If I flip a tarantula which is lying on its back..?

    OP is in Malta according to the profile. Sometimes we take it for granted that we have easy access to feeders.
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    US Colorful Isopods For Sale!!!

    Then you’re goin to want to look for a newer ad than this one. Its from 2016.
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    Egg sac or nah

    They do indeed move the sac around and they aren’t typically attached to anything. I’ve seen a couple of mine even take their sac for a stroll.
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    January 2020 Photo contest entries

    Its been a while since I’ve contributed to this so here we go!
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    Egg sac or nah

    Looks rather sacky to me
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    Comment by 'Metalman2004' in media 'T seledonia'

    Beautiful! Are they really as finicky to keep as I’ve heard?