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  1. octanejunkie

    US A+ Review for Sharno

    I had a great experience with @Sharno I wanted to share with the forum I bought a pair of H. sp. Colombia "pumpkin patch" large slings - my first "dwarf" tarantulas. Here's my journal thread on these Ts...
  2. octanejunkie

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "pumpkin patch" large

    Today was a good day, my local USPS carrier brought me 2 new friends, a pair of 3/4"-1" H. sp. large These guys are awesome, so small and already full adult coloring. Here are a few pics Emerging from it's vial A new home Settling in and starting to explore These guys are TINY in the...
  3. octanejunkie

    US Casey K. - another awesome experience!

    My second opportunity to work with @Casey K. and she knocked it out of the park, again! Picked up P. gigas sling that was bigger than advertised, not a bad thing as most sellers OVER estimate size. Here's my journal thread on the T...
  4. octanejunkie

    Pseudoclamoris gigas 2.0

    Today was a good day, the postal carrier brought me a new friend P. gigas #2 Advertised as 1.5" I think it's closer to 1.75" but regardless, it was SPUNKY on arrival and bolted right out of the vial - but I was prepared with a catch cup and a 24oz deli cup setup for a non-avic arboreal. A few...
  5. octanejunkie

    Commercial enclosure options for Ts

    Exo Terra I've been getting into DIY more lately for my grow-out tanks but for display tanks I'm partial to the Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano (8"x8"x8") for terrestrials and Nano Tall (8"x8"x12") for aboreals. I like the option of having both front and top-opening options and have found...
  6. octanejunkie

    Nhandu coloratovillosus juvenile

    The tarantula fairy sent me a 4-5" N. coloratovillosus juvenile ;) I honestly wasn't ready for or expecting a juvenile this large, but I had a spare container that I was able to throw together with 3-4" of sub, a coconut shell hide, water dish, some moss and a fake succulent. I will have a...
  7. octanejunkie

    Nhandu chromatus sling

    Got a pair of Nhandus from Casey via USPS today and I could not be happier! A 4-5" juvenile N. coloratovillosus, in a 4.5" 8oz deli cup and a 1/4" N. chromatus sling in a 5 dram vial. Both animals "walked" out of their shipping containers no worse for wear. Thanks so much for my first two of...
  8. octanejunkie

    Managing moisture: humidity, misting and water dishes

    The purpose of this thread is to solicit feedback and share information about the moisture (water) needs of our Ts. We know different species have different requirements for hydration based on many factors, geo location, species-specific needs, etc., and then there is practical, common sense...
  9. octanejunkie

    C. versicolor slings!

    Picked these up from Scott K, MobBurrow on AB, they are 1/2" 3i and should be on their way to 4i. USPS was 3 days late in getting them to me, and I was a bit freaked out, but they were well packed and arrived healthy and well, raring to go! I put them in 5.5oz DIY snack cup enclosures, here...
  10. octanejunkie

    Passive Rehousing

    I'm considering this for teleporting species like P. gigas, P. irminia, etc. For this example I am working with T. violaceus in a 32oz deli cup. I have a 32oz catch cup. Tape a catch cup with the same or reduced opening size inverted above the T's current enclosure with the lid removed (think...
  11. octanejunkie

    Drinking problem?

    PSA to keep your T's water dishes full, and if too small for a water dish or they bury them, make sure to water strategically inside the enclosures so your Ts and slings can hydrate! I've seen several of my Ts drinking over the last few days when it was unseasonably warm in So Cal, both off the...
  12. octanejunkie

    Tapinauchenius violaceus

    Anyone keeping this sp?
  13. octanejunkie

    Sling vial question

    I've been giving my LP sling water (droplets) every other day but I was wondering with a vial this size, how does everyone else manage moisture/humidity - specific to this species, of course Should I pop the cap off for a day and rubber band some mesh or fabric over the top to let it...
  14. octanejunkie

    Anyone breeding or selling T. seladonia?

    Came across this pic and got very interested. Typhochlaena seladonia, the Brazilian Jewel. A dwarf, trapdoor arboreal. Who's holding a sack or a few slings?
  15. octanejunkie

    DIY avic deli cups

    Following this video posted by @Tomoran I created 24oz versions of his 5.5oz snack cups and used them for my Avic project I basically followed the example exactly and even mixed my own substrate, similar to the instructions at the end of the YouTube video lol Here's quick pic with a satisfied...
  16. octanejunkie

    Avic project thread

    Well, it must be the covid because I couldn't stop myself and now there are these 4 new deli cup slings on my T shelf I'll let these guys acclimate before making proper introductions, but here are a few pics Thanks to @treynkarissa for a smooth transaction!
  17. octanejunkie

    MM B. vagans molting

    Our B. vagans (now T. vagans) hooked out on his last molt and for the last month has appeared to be in premolt (not eating, bald abdo, abdo turned black) After posting a pic in the MM thread here it was suggested that he would molt again, well it's happening right now. I came home this...
  18. octanejunkie

    Peanut Butter Jars

    They are about 5" tall and 3" wide, clear plastic and round with a screw-off top Anyone use these for slings or dwarfs?
  19. octanejunkie

    Checking on a T

    P. irminia has been MIA for around 10 days, no sign of movement from within her dirt curtain when I move the deli cup enclosure. In the past, I have seen movement in there. It was suggested to me to "check" on the T - I see no way of doing that without upsetting her dirt curtain hide... If she...
  20. octanejunkie

    G. rosea fresh molt sexing

    Did as well as my camera can do... any clue?