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  1. BossRoss

    Just thought I would share

    Have not had much time lately to enjoy the forum as much as I would like but thought I would share some pics
  2. BossRoss

    avicularia diversipes

    does anybody have any personal photos of a avicularia diversipes?
  3. BossRoss

    My Venezuelan Suntiger (Psalmopoeus irminia) AKA: Tigger

    The title says it all... :-) Today is my second day with her and I saw her in a pet store, molt inside her enclosure. I went on holiday for two weeks and came back to the pet store to see if she was still there and she was...molt still in the enclosure and I am sure she had not been fed in those...
  4. BossRoss

    Unable to Upload Photo(s)

    I am unable to upload photos to a thread or the media section. Different photo sizes tried from 55kb to 3mb with different formats. Error: "The following error occurred" "There was a problem uploading your file" Detailed Error Message: No detailed error message or error code given. Running...
  5. BossRoss

    What would you choose?

    So I have been put in contact with someone selling the following Ts. What would you buy and why? Suntiger 8cm R230ea Mexican red leg 7cm R450ea Mexican red leg 4cm R350ea Pumpkin patch 2.5cm R80ea Green bottle blue female 9cm R700ea Green bottle blue 5cm R350ea Green bottle blue 4cm R300ea...
  6. BossRoss

    Catching that slippery cricket for supper time

    So my curly hair, Bella, loves her crickets. However I have some trouble fishing out a cricket, I think is an appropriate size for her, without having a few crickets making a break for it. Then I might end up squishing the one I was going for(yes yes I know free entertainment for hours :-p)...
  7. BossRoss

    Enclosure in a smokers apartment

    So I live in an apartment and I do smoke, I am somewhat concerned about my smoking habits effecting my curly hair T? I never smoke while handling my spider and try not smoke in the same room as her but with friends around the place can get pretty stuffy and I was wondering: how sensitive are...
  8. BossRoss

    Chalk up another member for South Africa :-)

    Hi All, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was recently given a Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly Hair) which was a awesome as I have always wanted Tarantulas! I have had "her" for a few weeks and she molted last night :-) I have so much to learn but this going to be the best place. Here is...