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  1. Denny Dee

    Latrodectus tredecimguttatus

    Hey guys, Worked on enclosures yesterday. Cleaned out some old ones and transferred in some of my inverts that I have had some success with and now need larger enclosures. Many of you know I am not a big photo guy but I was lucky enough to have my wife snap this one on her iPhone since I was...
  2. Denny Dee

    Giant Japanese Funnel Web

    Not the greatest pic but showing off my Giant Japanese Funnel Web. Very rare primitive spider and one of my pride and joy's :)
  3. Denny Dee

    Desert Recluse

    Hello, Here is a photo of my Desert Recluse (Loxosceles deserta). One of my oldest true spiders. Gorgeous gal. P.S. Sorry for the Zoo Med plug on the lock. I have to lock all of my enclosures for obvious reasons. ;)
  4. Denny Dee

    Kukulcania arizonica

    Feeding day for me. Had some extra time so decided to take a few photos to share. I just removed a molt today. This is an overhead shot of the Kukulcania arizonica or the Arizona Black Hole spider. They are a great beginner true spider. Have a decent life span and very low maintenance...
  5. Denny Dee

    Jamie's Tarantulas

    Jamie is having a Black Friday sale starting tomorrow night at 7:00 PM. Happy hunting! :T:
  6. Denny Dee

    SEWER fest

    Heading up the SEWERfest Reptile show today. Southeast Wisconsin Exotic Reptile Festival. Looking forward to seeing how much coverage the spiders are getting. :T: http://www.sewerfest.com/ Will circle back with some feedback. Thanks.
  7. Denny Dee

    Not quite ready for a Six Eyed Sand Spider?

    If you aren't, that's okay. Take a look at this native U.S. species. Homalonychus sp. or the American Sand Assassin spider. Similar care and behavior but much less lethal venom. Another plus is that this species stays above the sand versus below. Enjoy :)
  8. Denny Dee

    Rare photo of my six-eyed sand spider

    Sicarious terrosus caught feeding
  9. Denny Dee

    Heat mats

    Tarantula heat sources are one of the most crucial elements of successfully keeping a T. Also, by far the number one controversial area of the hobby that I have witnessed. I have heard for years and years how dangerous heat mats can be. I have used them for years in my T and Scorpion...
  10. Denny Dee

    The deadly Sicarious terrosus

    The six eyed sand spider. Took some patience but finally got a photo of her above the sand. Not the best photo but beggars cannot be choosers here. Gorgeous and very unique spider. For those of you that do not focus on true or primitive spiders, the Sicarious sp. spend the bulk of their life...
  11. Denny Dee

    Golden Huntsman

    Taking some photos of my True Spiders. Here is a fairly rare Golden Huntsman spider from Arizona. Olios .giganteus Mature male. (note, posted this originally in the wrong forum! My bad).
  12. Denny Dee

    Golden Huntsman

    Taking some photos of my True Spiders. Here is a fairly rare Golden Huntsman spider from Arizona. Olios .giganteus Mature male.
  13. Denny Dee

    My Gooty Saphire Pokie

    Here is a shot of my Poecilotheria metallica. Think she is close to molting.
  14. Denny Dee

    My Haitian Brown

    My Phormictopus cancerides was out exploring last night. Mature female. Took down three crickets earlier.
  15. Denny Dee


    Decided to post a few pics of my beetles. Will post one at a time in case anyone has an interest and would like more information. Thanks.
  16. Denny Dee

    New Additions

    Hello, I promised I was not going to add to the collection until Spring. We hit 40 degrees last week so I am going to blame Mother Nature for my recent purchase. Added: - Dalmation Scaber isopods (been trying to find this species for awhile now and ran across it at the All Animal Expo...
  17. Denny Dee

    Funnel Webs

    Just picked up two new funnel web species: -- Linothelle fallax (Tiger Spider) -- Thelechoris striatipes (Tanzanian Funnel Web) Funnel webs are growing to be one of my favorite spiders in the collection. If you like webs, they cannot be out-spun!
  18. Denny Dee

    2015 Inventory

    Okay, just got done taking head count on my invert collection. Wanted to make sure it was up to date prior to going into the Spring "Acquisition" season. Thought I would share: Tarantulas 0.0.1 Avicularia purpea (Purple Pinktoe) 0.0.1 Avicularia versicolor (Martinique Pinktoe) 0.0.1...
  19. Denny Dee

    Banded Crickets

    Hello, I received a free batch of Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigliatus) at a show last weekend. They are shorter than the standard crickets that I normally feed my inverts. They do have very long antennae which can be less desirable for web feeders as the crickets can detect the webs before...
  20. Denny Dee


    So, as I promised to not pick up any more spiders over the winter at the shows, Buuuutttt I began picking up some interesting little guys: Isopods. Isopods are actually crustaceans versus arachnids so I have a clear conscience that I have kept my promise. I now have: Powder Blue Isopods...