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  1. Nada

    Hybridization; and why it's bad.

    Ever notice how tarantulas of the same genera and species can have slight variations dependent on locale or just molt cycle? Now add in these controlled hybrids. Hundreds of unidentifiable tarantulas in the hobby. Sooner or later...actually no, just soon the unidentifiable become misidentified...
  2. Nada

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata

    75 days (or so) still a big pile of live happy slings.. nothing darkening yet, beginning to wonder if they'll ever molt. lol
  3. Nada

    Psalmopeus Cambridgei

    well that sac was pretty gnarly, around 20 viable slings, I have since paired again. much better results this time.
  4. Nada

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata

  5. Nada

    C.darlingi - Rear horned baboon

    It's just a personal preference Alyeska. I'm not suggestingthat he does anything underhanded, or will "screw" anyone. I personally just prefer not to deal with him. If you'd like to pm me, we can talk about it, but it's nothing that needs to be made public.
  6. Nada

    I was a bad girl today :)

    P.cambridgei are mine, P.pulcher ar mine. I think that's it..
  7. Nada

    I was a bad girl today :)

    all the same, buying from them makes them buy from me anyway :)
  8. Nada

    Good r ordering/shipping to canada

    to get tarantulas shipped to Canada, you have to use a dealer in Canada. Try Tarantula Canada.
  9. Nada

    I was a bad girl today :)

    Because, those are my (I bred them) C.darlingi :)
  10. Nada

    I was a bad girl today :)

    @Charmyknux Did you happen to buy those from Bug Brothers?
  11. Nada

    My Rosie wants to burrow...?

    just let her do her thing. She'll use webbing to stabilize any burrow structures.
  12. Nada

    Spider safari

    awesome, I've been really beginning to enjoy keeping true's lately.
  13. Nada

    Spider Showcase, The President's Club

    I'm sorry to hear that Tricia. Please don't let one bad egg spoil the entire hobby for you, like with any hobby, we have our share of bad guys, but we have plenty of good guys as well...
  14. Nada

    C.darlingi - Rear horned baboon

    Everyone should have at least one horn. :)
  15. Nada

    I have re-signed as a Moderator.

    The time has just come. I have no problems with any of the Moderation team, and I'm sure they'll do a great job in my absence. What it all comes down too for me, is that being a member is much more fun than being a staff member.
  16. Nada

    I have re-signed as a Moderator.

    I have unfortunately felt the need to re-sign from my moderator duties. No bad blood between myself and any of the other Moderators, I just felt it was time to step down. I will stick around as a member, and I may still have the Mod tag on my profile for a bit, but from here on out I am just a...
  17. Nada


    well, that escalated quickly...
  18. Nada

    C.darlingi - Rear horned baboon

    looks to be around 100 of them. not bad at all
  19. Nada

    C.darlingi - Rear horned baboon

    and...... here's the double.
  20. Nada

    When should/could start meal/superworms?

    Nothing to worry about, they can go a long time without food. I'd bet she's in pre-molt (it can take months..)