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  1. Nada

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata

  2. Nada

    I have re-signed as a Moderator.

    I have unfortunately felt the need to re-sign from my moderator duties. No bad blood between myself and any of the other Moderators, I just felt it was time to step down. I will stick around as a member, and I may still have the Mod tag on my profile for a bit, but from here on out I am just a...
  3. Nada


    these are really cool little bugs. No invert collection is complete without them.. Giant Vinegaroon
  4. Nada

    Beginner Basics.

    This is something I wrote for a Facebook group, and I think it fits here as well Beginners are welcome here, But we ask that they please read this post Beginner Basics. 1) Feeding: One prey item a week is plenty for any tarantula. Roaches,Crickets/Locusts, and Silk Worms are the best and most...
  5. Nada

    New to my Zoo.

    picked this gal up yesterday. Very happy to have her :)
  6. Nada

    7' of tarantula

    got a new rack a few months ago.. gotta get a couple more soon.
  7. Nada

    Megaphobema .

    Here's a couple of my Megs, join in if you have some.. Disclaimer: Megaphobema are one of the harder genera to keep, only experienced keepers should consider them. M.mesomelas M.robustum M.velvetosomma
  8. Nada

    Kenny is now Nada

    Hey guys, Do to multiple people assuming I am Ken the Bug Guy, I have changed my user name to "Nada" (which is the name I go by on AB) It was especially confusing considering Kenny isn't my real name (Mark is) I chose the username Kenny ( a contraction of my surname) because When I joined the...
  9. Nada

    C.darlingi - Rear horned baboon

    paired 7-25-13 yesterday.
  10. Nada

    New Facebook group..

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1408324052737251/ I go by Mark Sakaarson on FB. Join in, and I'll be doing some US T giveaways in the near future.
  11. Nada


    and now the waiting....
  12. Nada

    Six months of molts..

  13. Nada

    Awful Pics, Awesome T!

    My new 6.5" Cyriopagopus Schiodetei
  14. Nada

    Shipping: slings and juvies.

    A quick tutorial on how to pack slings for shipment. 1st: You start with a box. The smaller the box the cheaper the freight. 2nd: you need to line the box with Styrofoam(2x4 sheets can be purchase at home depot or loews for $3). This adds extra protection from a rough ride, and more...
  15. Nada

    breeding gone primal.

    remnants of a pairing.. (I think it went well, she was just to fast.)
  16. Nada

    Vertical Aquarium Converions for Arboreals.

    Here's how I house my mid-large adult arboreal tarantulas. Here's what you need: 5.5 Gallon glass aquarium (10 gallon for really big spiders) Appropriately sized screen lid 3 screen cover clips. Clear silicone Sheet of Plexi Glass/Acrylic Acrylic Cutting tool Utility Knife/Straight Edge...
  17. Nada

    Psalmopeus Cambridgei

    A couple shots of my Cambridgei pair. I paired them last night. The female is a little in the small side at 5.5 but she's freshly molted and mature so.. I also made a stupid mistake that I continually make with arboreal species, which is neglecting to move the female into a larger enclosure...
  18. Nada

    This is why I don't like P.Metallica..

    .. they pale in comparison.
  19. Nada

    Greenbottle Blue

    GBB in the works. I've been successful with this species 3x prior. Here we go again. Both molted under 2months. I've had 3 very long pairings with my female, and my male has made it out safe and sound.
  20. Nada

    US Orange Baboons 2i FS/T

    I have about 100 of these guys good to go. bred by me, and freshly molted into 2i Price is $5 each + shipping of your choosing (ranges from $12-$40) Quantity discounts available. I reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone.