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  1. Casey K.

    US A few T's for sale

    Also willing to trade for other species. Let me know what you have. :)
  2. Casey K.

    there is a new keeper on the loose

    Welcome Justin! Nice to meet you! I'm sure you will find yourself comfortable in this forum as you get settled in. I voted for the pulchra, myself because it is a classic and is absolutely beautiful! It is very docile and makes an excellent display tarantula because it is always "out and...
  3. Casey K.

    Mould on wooden decor

    You're welcome! :)
  4. Casey K.

    Help getting some photos for a video

    You may use some of my photos. I'm always down for helping with educating. :) I have a few pics of some of the species on your list. Not sure if they are the quality you are looking for but feel free to use them. :)
  5. Casey K.

    Mould on wooden decor

    Soak the wood in apple cider vinegar and then allow it to completely dry. Do not wash/rinse it. This should solve your problem and the vinegar will not harm your invertebrates like bleach or other cleaning agents will because it's organic. It also kills mold, bacteria, mildew, etc.
  6. Casey K.

    First critter on its way

    Excellent choice for a first T!
  7. Casey K.

    Is a heating pad needed?

    Nope. 65°f will not hurt a tarantula in any way. It may slow its metabolism a bit and you may see longer durations between molting but other than that, no heating pad will be necessary in those temps. Tarantulas actually do better in cooler temps. As long as your temps aren't extreme, they...
  8. Casey K.

    US A few T's for sale

    0.0.1 2" B. emilia- $100 0.0.1 3" E. murinus- $60 0.0.1 2" P. muticus- $50 0.0.1 2" C. fimbriatus- $60 TAKE ALL 4 FOR $215 SHIPPED LAG
  9. Casey K.


    I keep my house between 72-75 f and all of my tarantulas are just fine in room temp. :)
  10. Casey K.


    The curly hair setup is fine. I would move the red knee to an enclosure/setup like the curly hair is in. You can purchase those at most pet shops or online. The B. hamorii (red knee) looks too big to be in the enclosure it is currently in. Just make sure the substrate (soil) is dry for both...
  11. Casey K.

    L p is she in molt

    I agree with @octanejunkie . If it appears to be lying on its back and playing with its web, that's what mature males do when distributing/collecting sperm. You may have a mature male making a sperm web.
  12. Casey K.

    Comment by 'Casey K.' in media 'M Balfouri pairing'

    Admit it.....you like spider porn just as much as the rest of us!!! Ha ha ha ha!
  13. Casey K.


    Hi there Beth! I am sorry that you are going through this with the purchase of a mature male from a pet shop. It's not uncommon that they have lack of knowledge when it comes to tarantulas and other invertebrates. I have kept many C. fimbriatus "Indian Violet" and they LOVE to burrow. I...
  14. Casey K.

    US Females P. cambridgei, P. subfusca, GBB

    Your subfusca is the lowland?
  15. Casey K.


    I can't quite tell from the pic but I would gently remove her from the water dish. She could've been trying to climb and perhaps fallen into that position? Her book lungs may be submerged partially in that water. If her book lungs are submerged, he/she can't breathe.
  16. Casey K.

    US A few T's for sale

    Adding a 2" C. fimbriatus- $60
  17. Casey K.


    Are you housing your tarantula in environmentally appropriate conditions for this species? Sometimes, not having a tarantula in the right conditions will cause this. There are also other factors such as molting, mites, nematodes or just plain fasting. Your tarantula may have just had enough...
  18. Casey K.


  19. Casey K.

    Mug shots

    What can I say? I am who I am. ;)
  20. Casey K.

    Mug shots

    I hope all of you people know that I am half-ass joking.