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  1. sym

    Europe white collard bird eater

    White collard bird eater for sale 2" DLS Eupalaestrus weijenberghi £40
  2. sym

    Selling my collection of T's (uk)

    Hi my collection is up for grabs here's what's available. 1. H.Pulchripes. (Sold) 2.LP 8" plus female. £30 post included 3. I.mira 1". £30 4. Haplopelma sp 1" £30 5.E.murinus 1" £30 6. T.lagunas 2" £20 7. Phormictopus sp green 2.5" £28 8.lp 1" £4 9.E.weijenberghi 1.5" £60 10.Euathlus sp red...
  3. sym

    12 months on.....

    Hi guys/gals. So it's been 12 months now since I started keeping T's. All the T's I have now ain't any of the original ones I first set off with. I've enjoyed the last 12 months and look forward to them growing :) Thanks for stopping by SYM
  4. sym

    Farewell Vulcan Bomber

    hi guys/girls. So over the last few months the Vulcan bomber has been doing tours of Great Britain as a final farewell before the plane is grounded for good. The plane is being grounded due to the airframe having served its time also rolls Royce has pulled out and will no...
  5. sym

    Female H.Incei acting weird

    hi guys/girls. My female H.Incei moulted last month so I decided to introduce my male to her... I left him in her enclosure over night so didn't witness any insertions... I removed him the following day... She spent the next 3 days in her hide but didn't close off the entrance ... It's been over...
  6. sym

    H.Pulchripes rehousing.

    hi guys/girls so the time has come to rehouse my little H.Pulchripes sling. At the moment it's in a small sealable tupper ware container roughly 3x3x3 inch and the substrate is about 1cm from the top lip of the enclosure . My plan is to rehouse it in a taller deli style cup. This is my first...
  7. sym

    goliath birdeater sling (uk)

    Hi guys/girls im after a goliath birdeater sling.. smaller the better :-)
  8. sym

    Phormictopus sp. "Green"

    Hi guys/girls.. I've had my green bird eater now for a few days and I'm trying to find out some information on it but struggling to find anything... Will this T have the same growth rate as a LP? Here's what I have for Information Any info would be much appreciated. :-) Sym
  9. sym

    Norwegian forest kitten (Thor)

    Hi guys/girls . So I put my name down for a classic black tabby male Norwegian forest cat kitten and have just received some pictures from the breeder. Here's the parents of Thor. Vikingr the father And heres the mother (grand Champion)
  10. sym


    Hi guys/girls. So a few days ago my sister and her daughters came round to tidy my house for me while i was at work to earn some pocket money while they are off school. When i returned from work they were just about done. My sisters oldest daughter explained what they had...
  11. sym

    Crab Spider egg sac !

    so last night i came in from work and decided to feed my crab spider I found in a box of crickets a few months back. It's looks like she is sat on an egg sac ?? Help lol
  12. sym


    hi guys/girls. I've seen some H.Pulchripes slings for sale, does anyone know if they are suitable for a beginner?? Many thanks Sym
  13. sym

    Little white eggs

    Hi guys/girls. So I've just been doing some enclosure maintenance and I've found some little white eggs on the underside of an artificial leave.. Anyone know what they are ? I'm quessing cricket eggs? As I can't think of anything else they could be.. Sym
  14. sym

    Your best T and why??

    Hi guys/girls.. So what's your favourite T you have in your collection and why? My favourite T in my collection to date is my B.Albop called Oliver . He is always sitting out in the open and never moves when I open the enclosure. And he eats really well Interested in hearing...
  15. sym

    H. incei male/female

    hi guys/girls. So I've had my pair of H.Incei for a few days now and they are happly living together (for now).. I've read on the Internet that the female is the only 1 out of the 2 to have chervon markings on the adboman.. What size do these mature? Both are 2 diffrent sizes the biggest being...
  16. sym

    Euathlus sp. "Red" Sling feeding

    hi guys/girls. So I've taken delivery today of my very small Euathlus sp. "Red" Sling. I don't have any food small enough for it and I can't get fruit flies where I live. Will my tiny sling take cricket legs? Very small cricket legs.. Sym
  17. sym

    Who keeps Eupalaestrus Weijenberghi??

    Hi guys/girls. I've seen this T and I've seen some slings for sale . Does anyone keep these? I've read a care sheet and it says these are docile.. Good for a beginner? Slings are for sale @ 1cm But very expensive Sym
  18. sym

    Next T ???

    So my collection so far... 1 being the biggest then going down in size. 1-8.. 1.B.Emilia 2.B.Albopilosum 3.L.parahybana 4.G.Pulchra 5.C.Cynaeopubescens 6.B.Vagans 7.G.Pulchripes 8.B.Auratum T's coming next week.. 9.E.Parvulus 10. H incei x2 Not sure what T I would like next? Open to...
  19. sym

    Eaulhlus Parvulus uk supplier??

    hi guys/girls. So I've chosen my next T but I've looked at all the uk sites I know and have drawn a blank in my search.. Any ideas people ?? I've found a guy in Germany with slings but won't post to the uk..(fair enough). Sym
  20. sym

    Sex my B.Albopilosum

    So my curly moulted 2 days ago and I managed to retrieve the moult shortly after.