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  1. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media 'G rosea "red"?'

    She would look great with my Grammostola’s x
  2. T-Baby

    U.K. @Phil The Spider House

    Received a perfect parcel today from @Phil with 5 new furry babies inside including a special birthday present for my son complete with a card! One very happy child and one very happy friend/customer. I’m honoured to know such a wonderful man in every aspect not just business, highly...
  3. G. Iheringi

    G. Iheringi

    Wish I could take credit for this beautiful specimen.
  4. T-Baby

    Phamtobeteus sp Costa

    That’s female congratulations @Konstantin Looking very pretty!
  5. T-Baby

    Who's molted today

    Confirmed female Pamphobeteus Sp Manga Negra
  6. T-Baby

    Who's molted today

    H. Chilensis, white but I think it’s showing some colouration on the abdomen.
  7. My sons unicorn spider

    My sons unicorn spider

    Very rare and cool opportunity for a snap
  8. T-Baby

    Who's molted today

    This stunner just finished moulting, AF Grammostola Concepcion this was took with natural lighting
  9. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media 'M mesomelas (F)'

    I’m envious of her she’s actually stunning x
  10. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media '"White Fang"'

    If only there was a real ‘white fang’ out there x
  11. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    Very sorry all the list is no longer available.
  12. T-Baby

    Here is my Acanthoscurria geniculata Female or male?

    Haha thanks @Phil and judging by the first picture ventrally looks female but it could be clearer the main part I need to see is distorted by the flash @Matt_campano
  13. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media 'Grammastola iheringi'

    What a beautiful picture x
  14. T-Baby

    Brachypelma boehmei sex?

    When a moult is that small I dry it out and rest it over the tip of my finger, any sex organs will stick up regardless how small. Using a torch also helps.
  15. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media 'G rosea red'

    Too adorable! X
  16. T-Baby

    Brachypelma boehmei sex?

    Hard to say because the moult is wet but that looks like spermatheca?
  17. Immature Male Pulchra

    Immature Male Pulchra

    This shameful lad has his substrate over him from stuffing his water dish with it!
  18. G. Maule

    G. Maule

    Showing off her colour without ‘flashing’
  19. E. Campestratus

    E. Campestratus

    My beautiful girl, Rainbow
  20. P. Antinious

    P. Antinious

    This girl was hovering off the floor. I’m walking in the air!