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  1. Ranger94


    So Ruby has closed off her burrow I think premolt what y'all think
  2. White spots

    White spots

  3. IMG_20190921_110236.jpg


    Does any one know what the white spots are there are two and he finally finished and I'm goin to saw he is really big loving this guy
  4. Molt


  5. Molt


    Just woke up and check all my ts found ryback molting
  6. Ranger94

    Comment by 'Ranger94' in media 'A genic SA Female (Nikki)'

    o ok cause mine has stoped eating again
  7. Ranger94

    Help (eating mold)

    It was at the very bottom and it's a small enclosure
  8. Ranger94

    Help (eating mold)

    Thanks I was just worried cause I have always heard mold is no good and this is my first sli g but now I won't freak out thanks
  9. Ruby


    Came in from work and Ruby was all the way in her water dish wasnt fast enough to get pic but was awesome
  10. Ranger94

    Help (eating mold)

    Ok I gave my t a roache and I went to check on him ryback my giant white knee and I noticed a small spot of mold and he is eating will it be ok till tomorrow afternoon or do I need to stop him from eating and rehouse him now
  11. Ruby


    I think she likes it fastest she has ever put web down since I had her
  12. I call it bone yard

    I call it bone yard

    Got Ruby rehoused in bigger tank don't know what she thinks of it yet what y'all think
  13. Ranger94


    Will this work I looked and didn't see anything on the bag about additives
  14. Trying something new

    Trying something new

    Just picked up this bag of potting soil and top soil do y'all think this will be ok for my ts
  15. Ranger94


  16. Rehouse


    Had to rehouse him from my chipper to this tree was right on the handle of the gate for the chipper
  17. Little guy

    Little guy

    Found this guy hanging out on my chopier at work
  18. Ranger94

    Trying to learn more

    cedar is that was on the list of deadly trees and I think someone on here also said that about cedar
  19. Zebra knee

    Zebra knee

    Ruby's getting a new enclosure tomorrow
  20. Ranger94


    Ok I'm wanting to mix Coco do we with potting soil and I have been reading that perlite is bad for ts do any of y'all know a potting soil that doesn't have that