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  1. Samantha895

    US MM M. Robustum

    I have a freshly molted MM M. Robustum needing a girlfriend. He is about 3 days post molt so shipping would be delayed to allow him sufficient time to harden and a feeding to take place. He is roughly 6” and has not made a sperm web yet. He is one of my favorites so it is sad to see him go but...
  2. Samantha895

    Is this a B. Smithi or B. Annitha?

    This was a rescue and I was told B. Emilia but it is not
  3. Samantha895

    US Wanted for trade

    Hello. I have a 4” C. Lividum confirmed female I would like to trade for a New World. I just feel she should be with someone with more experience in the Old World department. All of my others are New World. Would like to trade for something around the same size. Was thinking maybe B. Hamorii or...
  4. Samantha895

    Red Runner Colony

    hello all. I was wondering where would be a good place to get a red runner roach colony? I live in the middle of nowhere with little resources. I do realize they breed fast but I know a lot of people who don't want to drive over an hour for crickets. I'm in the states btw:)
  5. Samantha895

    Should I be worried?

    i have a M Robustum about 1 1/2". I just did some maintenance in his/her enclosure and noticed she is dragging her hind legs. I know they have a unique "threat posture" but not sure if I should be worried. Any ideas?
  6. Samantha895

    My first feeding video

    my Chilean rose hair 2 weeks after molting. My first feeding video. She is 16 yrs old and I have gotten to watch her grow into the beautiful creature she is now. So love her. So ya... I can't download the video....I will keep trying lol have to be smarter than the computer...
  7. Samantha895

    Feeding time

    Just a fun question on T feeding. What makes it so much fun to watch for everyone? I personally enjoy the acrobatic abilities some display and the excitement of it all. Not to mention getting to see my babies eat :D
  8. Samantha895


    Hello everyone! :cool::):p:T:
  9. Samantha895

    Buying from new breeder

    i just ordered some slings from Net-Bug last night. I have emailed them but haven't had a response. I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on if I should be worried or not. I may be jumping the gun a bit but am nervous of not getting a response when the money has been taken out of my bank...