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  1. FishermanSteve

    US Females

    All sold! Thank you!!!
  2. FishermanSteve

    US wdulaney

    I had the opportunity to meet Walter and buy a few t’s that were for sale local pickup. We chatted for a while and he seems like a great guy and if he ever has more to sell I would definitely do business again!
  3. FishermanSteve


    What the heck is up with all these people making accounts and spamming the classifieds? Bringing up 3 year old threads. Are they actually legit? If not, what are they getting out of pretending to be interested in buying t’s? :rolleyes:
  4. FishermanSteve

    US Wanted MMs

    Looking for mature or penultimate males: GBB C. versicolor D. diamantinensis I’m interested in loans or buying outright.
  5. FishermanSteve

    US MMs for sale/trade

    I’ve got a G. pulchra that matured 9/29 and an X. immanis that matured 11-18. I’m interested in loans, trades and selling outright.
  6. FishermanSteve

    Attach files in conversations

    I know that Casey has mentioned this before but is there anyway to add an attach file option for conversations? When buying/trading I always like to add photos of my specimens but I don’t upload my photos to a third party site so I can’t attach them via url.
  7. FishermanSteve


    This question is geared more toward any experienced breeders on here. I’ve read that many people will soak down the substrate for a gravid t and this seems to induce a sac. My first question is, have you had success with this technique? Second, do you think it works because it replicates the...
  8. FishermanSteve

    Top 3

    I am curious what your top 3 tarantulas are. You don’t need to currently have them in your collection, but if you could only have 3 ts what would they be?
  9. FishermanSteve

    US MM G. pulchra for trade.

    I have a MM G. pulchra that matured on 9/29 that I’m looking to trade. Let me know if you’re interested.
  10. FishermanSteve

    When does enough mean enough

    Even though I have been keeping t's for over 10 years, I am relatively new to breeding. With that being said, this week I successfully paired P. irminia and P. Rufiliata. I have heard other breeders talk about pairing over and over again. I have tried pairing both females again but they are...
  11. FishermanSteve

    US MM G. Pulchra

    I am looking for a recently matured make G. pulchra. I would like to buy outright but I would also take a loan for 50% of the sac if you ship. Let me know if you’re interested!!!
  12. FishermanSteve

    US MM L. parahybana

    I have a MM L. parahybana. I’m not exactly sure how old he is because I just inherited him in a collection a month ago. That being said he made a sperm web last night 9/20/19 so he’s still got life in him. Pay for fedex overnight shipping and he’s yours. If the pairing goes well I wouldn’t mind...
  13. FishermanSteve

    US ISO MM P. Irminia

    As the title implies I am actively looking to buy a recently MM P. irminia. Please let me know if you have one or can put me in touch with someone who does. Thank you!
  14. FishermanSteve

    Feels like home

    Hey everyone my name is Steve. I signed up for the boards in 2017 but shortly after I put the hobby aside when I moved. I’ve been keeping ts for the last 11 years and like some folks here, I am soo sick of the pretentious attitudes on arachnoboards. I love how everyone here is supportive to new...