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  1. Fuzzball79

    New baby in the house - Here comes Nevis!

    For @MassExodus : Some more puppy pics Looking at the first photos to now, it's hard to believe it's the same pup. Nevis is no longer a baby but a handsome young boy: With his "Reserve Best in Class" Rosetta after finishing Puppy Foundation Class Still cheeky to "big sis" Storm...
  2. Fuzzball79

    My beautiful A. Genic is dying :(

    Thanks. I don't think it was any dog product, as the worming tablet they're getting does fleas as well (and costs a bleeding fortune lol). We had to use more carpet cleaner than usual though due to having the pup in the house. Obviously she could have had internal parasites, too, but I'm not...
  3. Fuzzball79

    My beautiful A. Genic is dying :(

    Thanks. She's gone now :(. I think she was already dead this morning and the twitching was just the nerves. Still couldn't find anything other than her mouth being wet, but she sat in her water dish all night and then on the wet paper towel in ICU. I've binned everything in her tank just in...
  4. Fuzzball79

    My beautiful A. Genic is dying :(

    It happened quite suddenly. She'd been moving around in her tank, although she'd not gone for her prey which is a bit unusual. Last night she went to her water dish (which always had fresh water in it), she ended up going all the way in and this morning she was still in there but looked like...
  5. Fuzzball79

    Anyone with other pets?

    Personally, I would never use any adverse training methods like shock collars (it looks like they will be banned in Scotland anyway). I've always had large powerful dogs - German Shepherds, Husky X and now a Wolfdog (the breed, not the hybrid) - and have never needed to use any of those. For me...
  6. Fuzzball79

    New baby in the house - Here comes Nevis!

    What a difference a few weeks make. Nevis is growing like weed, all legs and ears. He's definitely a very "intense" dog, very smart, willful and picks up on everything.
  7. Fuzzball79


    So sorry to hear that. I lost my GBB sling today, but I had a feeling he was dying.
  8. Fuzzball79

    New baby in the house - Here comes Nevis!

    He certainly knows when to put on his puppy face and make those little baby noises. Potty training is the same as with any pup. He's getting there with the pooping, letting us know when he needs. He still has the occasional pee in the house, but usually tries to do it on the hard floor (or on...
  9. Fuzzball79

    New baby in the house - Here comes Nevis!

    A wee update on the menace: He's certainly settled in. He's put on 1kg (probably even more now) in the first week and grows like weed. He's still a cheeky devil, who doesn't give Storm a moment's peace, apart from when he's sleeping. Nevis is super smart. He's learned "sit" within minutes and...
  10. Fuzzball79

    Our Christmas visitor

    Aww sweet little thing. I'm glad to hear she found a great home with you,
  11. Fuzzball79

    New baby in the house - Here comes Nevis!

    I have now fulfilled a long time dream of mine and have brought a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog pup into our lives. We named him Nevis, after one of my favourite places in Scotland. He's a cheeky so-and-so, but who could be mad at such an adorable baby? Storm is pretending to be all grumpy and...
  12. Fuzzball79

    My older guy.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Copa, you'll do what's best for him and I hope he'll live out his days with you as comfortable as possible. Beautiful passage, too, it brought tears to my eyes.
  13. Fuzzball79

    A bad couple of weeks.

    It wasn't that long ago I rehoused him, because he started his fasting not long after his last moult (only had one meal), stopped webbing/fixing his web. He webbed in his new tub, but spends most of his time hiding under his bark now. It's kept on the dry side (bar a water dish, which he uses)...
  14. Fuzzball79

    A bad couple of weeks.

    So sorry to hear that. It's always horrible to lost one of those little critters. I think I might be losing my GBB, he's not eating at all. I've tried everything and he seems to be able to drink. Can't see anything wrong with him physically (other than getting thinner and scruffy looking), but...
  15. Fuzzball79

    UK versicolor???

    The Spidershop have Sub-adult Versis at the moment. If you can/want to buy 2. Chances are one/ or both are female lol. Or as an alternative, they also have AF A. Purpurea? Personally speaking, I've had my Versi from grown on sling and I really enjoyed all colour phases she went through. It...
  16. Fuzzball79

    My other Pets

    Thanks. I'm by no means a spiritual person (that's my sister in law, she's into all this ghosts, angels and spirits mumbo jumbo), but the other week I took this photo of Storm: I know it's most likely an exposure/light issue, but it looks like she's got an aura (and apparently a white aura...
  17. Fuzzball79

    My other Pets

    Gosh, I'm sitting her crying because I had to scroll through all those pictures of my big guy :(, miss him so much. Storm's been my angel though, cheering me up. She's such a beautiful girl inside and out: Lone wolf 5 minute zoomies Now I've got that out of my system, can I...
  18. Fuzzball79

    Fuzzball's picture thread

    A sp Amazonica post-molt
  19. Fuzzball79

    Another phantom egg sac

    Thanks @Enn49 , but I'm really not confident enough for breeding. I cannot imagine separating 100s of tiny slings and my husband would kill me if any were lost in the process lol. Just a quick question: Is it normal for a not fully grown female to lay a dud egg sac? My Gigas is nowhere near the...