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  1. Fuzzball79

    My beautiful A. Genic is dying :(

    It happened quite suddenly. She'd been moving around in her tank, although she'd not gone for her prey which is a bit unusual. Last night she went to her water dish (which always had fresh water in it), she ended up going all the way in and this morning she was still in there but looked like...
  2. Fuzzball79

    New baby in the house - Here comes Nevis!

    I have now fulfilled a long time dream of mine and have brought a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog pup into our lives. We named him Nevis, after one of my favourite places in Scotland. He's a cheeky so-and-so, but who could be mad at such an adorable baby? Storm is pretending to be all grumpy and...
  3. Fuzzball79

    Another phantom egg sac

    This time it's my T. Gigas. I'm happy because I never had her 100% down as a female, so I can now say for sure: It's a girl! She's not been mated so it's definitely a dud
  4. Fuzzball79

    RIP Trigger, my soul dog

    Today I had to let my beloved big boy Trigger cross the Rainbow Bridge. He would have been 11 in November and until a few days ago he was full of life and joy. On Sunday he seemed really lethargic and unhappy, wouldn't touch his food and just managed to walk down the road and back. He was...
  5. Fuzzball79

    200 rare Montserat Tarantulas hatched at Chester Zoo UK

    I thought you might find this interesting. Definitely cute spiderlings and I hope they can find out more about this species http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-37021145
  6. Fuzzball79

    My A. Versicolor made a phantom egg sac!

    My A. Versicolor recently hid away for a few months which is very unlike her. I thought she'd moulted although she never pushed the old skin out. Turns out she had made and nursed a phantom egg sac and this morning she'd put it next to her water dish. I know it's not a fertile one, because I've...
  7. Fuzzball79

    UK keepers: Around 200 tarantulas in rescue shelters

    Someone shared this on my FB this morning. The RSPCA (I know, not everyone's favourite organisation) currently have around 200 Tarantulas in their shelters looking for homes. It's a varied mix of species, too, by the sound of it. The article is really lovely, but it did make me laugh how the...
  8. Fuzzball79

    Ground Beetle and other Beasties

    We found this beauty in our greenhouse. Released it back in there after the photos so it can help keep down pests like slugs. House Spider male looking for some loving last Autumn Pretty Garden Spider Visit from the boyfriend. He's quite big for a male in comparison She's not in...
  9. Fuzzball79

    "Biological Warfare": Ladybirds vs Aphids

    Finally got my ladybird "family" today (there are hardly any wild ones around here, at least not the 2 spotted kind, so I ended up buying from a breeder). My roses are covered in aphids (one of the bushes looks like it's on its last legs :( ) and I didn't want to use chemicals this year (I find...
  10. Fuzzball79

    Lions and Tigers (but no Bears), oh my...

    Some photos I took during our recent zoo visits Ring Tailed Lemur Very pretty Spider Monkey (love those blue eyes) Sunbathing My husband's and mine wedding pic lol Kookaburra 2 of 4 rescued ex circus lions from Belgium. They're all neutered males, hence why they don't have manes...
  11. Fuzzball79

    T. Gigas: Boy or Girl

    I think it's a female. The molt was 3 days old, because she(?) had been hogging it and had only just pushed it towards the hole in her tree.
  12. Fuzzball79

    New babies!

    I got my new Ts today. The funny thing was that just when I opened the box I finally confessed to my husband that I ordered 2, took the "second" tub out and it reads "Freebie B. Smithi". Arrgh! Luckily it's tiny enough to fit in an old wax worm tub with a flat Lego brick for water bowl. A...
  13. Fuzzball79

    G. Actaeon

    Hi all, I have just ordered myself a G. Actaeon sling. There are not many care sheets, but my understanding is, that they are kept like most other Grammostola sp (G. Iheringhi excluded). Does anyone on here keep them and would like to share some personal experiences? Thank you ;)
  14. Fuzzball79

    Scottish Airshow Photos - Farewell Avro Vulcan

    My other hobby (that I don't get to do often enough): I love watching and taking photos of (Military) Aircraft B17 Flying Fortress Sally B Merlin Royal Navy Helicopter By air, by land and by sea: Royal Navy Combat display Typhoon Eurofighter (My favourite plane) CAP232...
  15. Fuzzball79

    2 Brightly Coloured Orb Weavers

    I found these 2 beauties in my garden today.
  16. Fuzzball79

    Does anyone else's Avic do this?

    Hang the severed remains of their meals from their web, lol? I think my A. Versicolor displays sure signs of being a psychokiller :eek::
  17. Fuzzball79

    A. Versicolor ventral sexing

    I took some belly pics of my A. Versi subadult. I'm thinking/hoping female *fingerscrossed*.
  18. Fuzzball79

    Finally saw my A. Versi out after molt

    TBH, I cheated a bit by turning its tank around. He (or she) had been sitting out every morning, but every time I tried to look closer or take a photo would retreat back into his web. Finally caught him out this morning, yay: This was not long before the molt, what a change
  19. Fuzzball79

    Then and now

    I thought I'd compare my spiders from when I first got them to now. T. Gigas when I got it After first molt with me Now It's nearly doubled in size within 4 months and has undergone quite a colour change, too. Next B. Boehmei. arrived about the size of a finger nail and is now just...
  20. Fuzzball79

    Long shot: GBB sling molt (ca. 3/4")

    Sorry not the clearest pic, as the molt is very small and very thin (nearly see through). I don't know, to me it looks male, but I'm not an expert at sexing molts (it's not like my Genic where the "lady bits" were as clear as rain, lol).