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  1. Captain Firecat

    Tank is set up, tips and advice please

    Hi all Tank is set up, thought I'd show it here in case anyone wants to point out a glaring issue (better to find out now than when the T dies/escapes!). Glass tank, scrubbed till my fingers bled, taped on the joins to ensure they don't come apart (it's an old tank), heat mat firmly attached...
  2. Captain Firecat

    Keeping the lid on!

    Hi all Basically I have a nice posh spacious and secure tank in the cellar that once housed a snake. It is mighty dusty (and has a dead house spider in it, which doesn't bode well...) so needs a good scrub before it can be used for housing a T. If I cleaned it with the same stuff as I clean...
  3. Captain Firecat

    Minimum temperatures

    Hi all In short, how cold can it get before a T (say a Chilean Rose or a Pink Zebra Beauty) gets in trouble? By which I mean dies, not temporarily goes off it's food. I reckon 10 months of the year will be no issue, but winter temps in my 'tarantula room' drop to teens, even with a heatmat. Of...
  4. Captain Firecat

    Tips re heat mat

    Hi all Enquiries are proceeding as to the temperature of my room, but assuming I need to add heating: How on earth do you heat a low tank?!? The guiding wisdom seems to be that the mat has to go on the side as the spider might burrow to cool and instead be moving closer to the mat under the...
  5. Captain Firecat

    Do T's escape often?

    Plenty of 'OMG MY T ESCAPED!' stories online, enough that it has got me worried... So I'm here for reassurance :) I'm 32 years old, methodical and paranoid about escapees, so I can say with as much certainty as possible that the lid will be on, it will be clicked (exo-terra) and I think I might...
  6. Captain Firecat

    Guinea pigs

    Hi all. Just wondering, if a brachypelma vagans got out, how dangerous would it be to a guinea pig? I have no intention of letting them meet, but the only place I can safely site the spider will be in the same room as the piggies, so an escape could put them in contact. I'm guessing from size...
  7. Captain Firecat

    Habitat size

    Hi all Currently spider less but thinking of getting a new (first) friend. I've read a lot online about tank size, substrate, diet, temperature, the whole shebang. But each site has a different idea, so I just wanted to post and make sure I'm on the right lines. I'm leaning towards a Chilean...