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    Brachypelma boehmei sex?

    Hi all A long shot here Brachypelma boehmei DSL 4cm.lol Is it boy or a girl? @Phil @Arachnoclown Regards Konstantin
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    Brachypelma boehmei

    Hi all This is my jounal of my B boehmei sling progress. I purchased it from @Phil and is with me since 08.04.2020. Quick pic of that day. It was a little chunk as seen and has been refusing food since I got it. I moved it to a new tub with hide and some fake plants about 2 week ago.It has...
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    U.K. B. Lateralis starter colony

    Hi I know is a long shot but ... Anyone in UK have excess B. lateralis(Turkistan roach) to give away and is willing to post?I will cover the postage cost of coarse. Not after large amount.Just to start my own small colony. RegardsKonstantin
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    Housing small slings?

    Hi all What are your thoughts on housing small slings.Will providing a hide and deep substrate for them to burrow set them back growth wise while is the right thing to do. Have 2 of my slings sealed off straight after moving them in their new homes.The enclosures are not oversised.While sealed...
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    Hi all This is my keepers journal for Skye my juvenile female GBB.She is with me since 08.04.2020 and of course its bought from @Phil .lol I collected her with her enclosure .Tyni critter keeper. Here a quick(not very good) pic of that day She is a good eater and takes large crickets with...
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    Grammostola Pulchra

    Hi all Meet Raven my Grammostola Pulchra juvenile.She is with me since 08.04.2020 and is bought from @Phil.A very healthy gorgeous little girl but that's not a surprise having in mind where I purchased her from.lol She is currently housed in a beautiful acrylic enclosure that is a present from...
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    Live plants question

    Hi all Thinking of using a trailing house plant as decoration to my terrariums but instead of planting it in will keep it in the pot behind the enclosure and trail it trough the cable slots (vent holes)of my exo terras.This should make it easy in regards of watering it and wont affect...
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    Avicularia sp Peru purple

    Hi all Here is my jounal of my Avicularia sp Peru purple.Its my first arboreal and my tiniest T atm.Its with me since 08.04.2020 .I keep it with slightly moist substrate and drop some water on the web every other day to have a drink.Its being fed every 4 days and is a good hunter. Here is a pic...
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    Phamtobeteus sp Costa

    Hi all Another of my keeper's journals. This is my Phamtobeteus sp Costa (Electra) Purchased from @Phil and with me since 08.04.2020.It is showing a beatuful star shaped markings on the carapace and still holds the Christmas tree pattern on the abdomen.Its a looker.lol Here is a post sale pic...
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    Phormictopus auratus

    Hi all This will be one of my keeper's journals of my slings and their development and transformations as time goes by. As per tirle meet my Phormictopus auratus (Aurea).Hopefully a female but will think of a boy's name if needs be later on.lol Purchased from @Phil and is with me since...
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    Keeping slings from the so called arid species.

    Hi all As we know all slings are lacking the waxy coating of their grown relatives and need to be kept a bit moist to prevent dehydration. At what size (age) the so called arid species from the Brachypelma, Grammostola,Gbb,Avicularia ..... can be safely kept on dry substrate with water always...
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    Today's creations.

    Hi all Being stuck at home is not fun but at least have time to tinker with the T enclosures that have been wanting to do for ages. Did 6 30x20x15cm , 2 20x20x10 cm , 2 15x 15x 10 plastic boxes just basic terestrial setup with cork bark hide with few plastic plants glued to it and water...
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    First egg sack .Sooo so excited !!!

    Hi all Not long ago bought a female Tliltocatl albopilosus from @Phil. On the day of sale he told me that she was paired and is possible to get a sack at some point.Never gave it a second thought tbh.She is a lovely lady and was eating like a champ always out and about till 28th February when...
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    Nhandu Chromatus unusual behaviour

    Hi all Getting a little concerned about my Nhandu Chromatus lately. Bought the spider on 25th October as adult female.I am pretty new to the hobby and the seller warned me she is a bit tetchy but after me explaining that I am serious about the hobby and not going to handle the sell went...
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    Help with LP ventral sexing.

    Hi all I was sold this beautiful LP as adult female DLS 7.5 inch. Will someone with more knowledge be able to confirm as got her from a kid(that never sexsed her properly) and doesn't look like is near a molt anytime soon. Regards Konstantin
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    U.K. Grammostola Pulchripes SA or AF

    Hi Looking for one of these beauties to add to my starter collection. Can pick up if up to 50 miles from Preston ,Lancashire but dont mind paying postage too. Please get in touch if U know someone selling one. Kind Regards Konstantin