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  1. K

    there is a new keeper on the loose

    Welcome to the forum :T:
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    Hi Have you tried to move the dish in different spot? Regards Konstantin
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    Strange markings on abdomen. Advice appreciated!

    Hi Nice healthy looking tarantula you got there. Spraying 4-5 times a week you say. Here is a link for you in case you want to save yourself some work.This fuy is awesome well of information. Regards Konstantin
  4. K


    Hi Mine is a bit shy after the rehouse and the last moult.Only webbed a corner of the enclosure and rarely goes on the other side.But is very food orientated atm it is out and about more after her meal while before was only in her burrow. She stopped eating on 15.04 and moulted on 08.05.I gave...
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    Hi How long you leave the feeders in?Is it out and about? Regards Konstantin
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    Hi Calm down.You are doing well with the website. You will get used to it. Now about your spiders.I saw pics on your other thread but you took them off for some reason. First your spiders dont care what thay are hosed in.It may be cheap plastic storage box or flashy acrylic or glass vivarium and...
  7. K

    Euathlus Sp Red

    Hi Euathlus sp.Red is now called Homeomma Chilensis last time I saw them for sale on Virginia Cheeseman's website.It might be worth to drop her an email. https://www.virginiacheeseman.co.uk/ Regards Konstantin
  8. K

    New group w problems

    Hi With big relailers often the advetised size is the batch average estimated size. It is a bit unrealistic to expect someone to try and measure accurately hundreds(thousands) of slings.Sometimes you get smaller sometimes you get bigger.This is how it usually works. Important bit is that they...
  9. 20200522_152153.jpg


    While Im at it ,one quick of my A genic(Arania) waiting for her meal later on only for @[4151:@Phil] Haha
  10. 20200522_152050.jpg


    My now confirmed female Aphonopelma chalcodes (Debby) having a stretch and showing off the new fuzz.
  11. 20200522_152139.jpg


    Managed to get a shot of my juvenile Grammostola Pulchripes. Unfortunately it teared the moult and is still unsexed She hides when I open the tub so pic though the plactic Im afraid.
  12. K

    New to tarantulas and getting prepared

    I agree with Phil about GBB being different from other terrestrial slings and make use of more height in an enclosure
  13. K

    New to tarantulas and getting prepared

    Hi With too deep substrate it is possible (not set in stone but happens) the little ones to go deep and close burrow or not want to come up for food regularly .That can effectively set them back growth wise.With tarantulas and especially slings(they moult often and sometimes eat right up to a...
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    New to tarantulas and getting prepared

    Hi Those are cool looking Arboreal enclosures. They are not suitable for GBB or terrestrial Ts. You want something with more floor space and less height. Regards Konstantin
  15. K

    Avic project thread

    Hi Where yours leave the boluses.Mine always leave them in the web.Do u put feeders in top part or just leave them on the bottom? Regards Konstantin
  16. K


    You can leave the pray in for 24 hours before removing it. Don't inow but if you thong feed is a hazard as tarantula can damage their fangs on the metal or even run up the tongs and tag you. If you noticed her going down in certain areas you can move the dish in that area too Regards Konstantin
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    Various questions regarding feeder insects (choosing species, gut loading etc.)

    Hi How many tarantulas you have(planning to have) I have 13 atm and I dont keep any feeder colonies.I just get one tub( or two if I have slings that need smaller pray items) of feeders from my pet shop once a month or so( when needed) and thats more than enough for me.As long as they eat there...
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    Thank you :T: