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  1. Underclock

    C. cyaneopubescens

    Heyyyy! What great news to be greeted with after a month hiatus from this forum!
  2. Underclock

    US GBB, G. pulchra for sale

    Bkbugz had some strong accusations of being a scanner levied against him/her Last fall. Idk how it turned out, but they haven't logged in here since last October, my guess is no
  3. Underclock

    US FREE - Mexican red rump and Trinidad chevron

    If it doesn't work out with Joe H, I also live in driving distance, and would be able to give them a good home
  4. Underclock

    MM's For Sale

    If it doesn't work out with Todd, I'd be interested in that smithi
  5. Underclock

    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    Had another exceptional experience with Casey. Picked up the 3 inch 1.1 P. metallica pair she was selling. $300 for the pair, I feel like I see singles going for that price. She held onto the spiders for a week because of the cold and to make sure it doesn't get held over the weekend at the...
  6. Underclock

    US Mature female Poecilotheria metallica

    Damn it, should have gotten on yesterday
  7. Underclock

    US WARNING!!! Watch out for Spider_man

    Wanted to bump this thread, he's apparently still active. PM'd me about my wtb LP slings I posted, told me to respond to him on some other website, with a price way higher than I was looking for, both of which were red flags to me. After almost no investigation, I found this review. Edit: I...
  8. Underclock

    US Looking for some LP slings

    At a reptile convention in october, a vendor was selling freshly hatched (well, probably second instar) LP slings 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. I bought one, and lost it to a bad molt, and regret not having picked up another pair. A show-special price probably, but I was hoping I could get 2 or 3 for...
  9. Underclock

    US Female P. Metallica

    Live arrival guarantee? Terms?
  10. Underclock

    looking for a cheap red runner starter colony

    I bought a small starter colony, but a lot of them died in transit, so my colony could always use a boost. I could buy some adults if the price is right. PM me?
  11. Underclock

    looking for a cheap red runner starter colony

    **Closed** As the title says, I'd like to start a red runner colony, ideally at least 100 individuals with at least some breeding females. I'm sure at least some of you have a strong feeder colony you wouldn't mind pulling from to help out a fellow tarantula and/or roach hobbiest Update: I...
  12. Underclock

    Review of ApexInverts (forum member)

    I realise there is a review for the website, but I dealt with him strictly through the forum, so I figured it wouldn't be the worst thing to make a thread specifically for that. I bought an A. versicolor from him back in May, I've been putting off a bunch of reviews for a while, but he deserves...
  13. Underclock


    I've been procrastinating this review for a while, but better late than never I guess. I bought 6 peppered roaches and 3 question mark roaches from Matt back in May. Had an overall good experience Price: His prices were good, better than online invert dealer websites. Shipping prices were...
  14. Underclock

    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    I recently bought an A. francki from Casey. The experience was as you'd expect from reading her reviews. She was in constant communication the entire time, which was nice. The turn around on the spider was also pretty good, I've dealt with users that can take up to two weeks to get an order to...
  15. Underclock

    My OBT!

    An orange barking terrier? Nice
  16. Underclock

    Aphonopelma johnnycashi??

    Ehh, I'd be sceptical about picking one up, even if their numbers in the wild can support mass harvesting. There's so much hype around them, its only a matter of time before less than reputable breeders start selling a cheaper spider as the rare and exotic johnnycashi at a much higher price...
  17. Underclock

    Is there a market for flipping slings?

    I think it would be easier to sell ones you've raised if you started out with the mindset that you're going to sell them later. As for stagnating pricing, honestly I'd be fine making my money back with minimal profit. Males might still be trouble, but I figure people will jump at a year old...
  18. Underclock

    Is there a market for flipping slings?

    So the general consensus is that it's not ideal, but doable so long as I'm super flexible with the price? If that's the case, I can manage that. It is genuinely mostly because I'd like to experience the variety of the hobby
  19. Underclock

    Is there a market for flipping slings?

    That is to say, if I were to buy a few slings, raise them for a few months to a year, and resell them, is there a market for that? Mostly, I think, what I'm asking is would the breeders I bought from take offense to that? I'd love to be able to have experience with tons of different species...
  20. Underclock

    Review of Thistles (forum member)

    There doesn't seem to be a review of Thistles here, and there definitely should be. I just purchased 3 spiderlings from her, anf I've had an overwhelmingly positive experience with her. She was talkative and friendly throughout the entire purchasing process, her communication was great, even...