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    Grammostola Porteri

    Strange. Will have to wait for a molt
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    Grammostola Porteri

    Yeah was 99.9% sure lol. But just wanted to see what others thought. Thanks :)
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    Grammostola Porteri

    Will do. Due a molt :)
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    Grammostola Porteri

    Really? Was so sure female
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    Grammostola Porteri

    5/6cm Pretty sure it is female 2nd opinion welcome Thanks :)
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    Caribena Versicolor Sex?

    4/5cm Does anyone know?. :)
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    Hi Hope you don't mind me posting. I have started a New page on Facebook. I just started this hobby and love meeting other ppl with same interest :) It is quiet at the moment as very new so hopefully I can get some people in to get it busy. Welcome to join. Be good to see you there. It is...