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  1. gognomie

    Why I don't keep OWs.

    These weren't posed, I just took my eyes off them for half a second! :eek: Phryganistria heusii yentuensis females, in case you're curious.
  2. gognomie

    Phormictopus cochleasvorax.

    Do any of you guys keep one of these? They don't seem to be super popular/common and there's not a large amount of info out there about them and their care so I was wondering if anyone out there has one. I do have a phormictopus atrichomatus who is currently in premolt and growing like a weed.
  3. gognomie


    How you doing? I've actually been lurking here for months just reading and absorbing, I'm fairly new to the hobby when I picked up a couple of slings at the BTS show in May after years of keeping phasmids. I'd got it into my head that tarantulas were something crazy to keep but I kept looking...