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    Unsure if I should remove dead feeder.

    Hi guys, my N. Chromatus made his burrow quite unique. He made like a spiral type burrow, where I can see the bottom of his burrow through the plastic contrainer, but not from the top down. He made like a spiral type burrow. He is maybe 2.5 to 3cm. I cut up a mealworm and gave him half and...
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    Is Hysterocrates Gigas really communal?

    My seller has told me this but is that really true? I cant find anyone else saying it is
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    Possible DKS?

    I got this T. Ockerti about 3 weeks ago. Mature Female. Day 1 was fine, fed her a Dubia and she chowed it. Other week she just seemed to rotate around, Tarantulaing. Now for the last few days she moved from her corkbark into this position and won't move. If she does move it's very erratic...
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    That little Mother F....

    Guys you do not understand the magic that just happened. The things that had to happen for this to be possible. I lost my Avic Avic on September 28. He escaped his enclosure because of a faulty magnet that didn't lock into place properly and he squished through a fricking mm space. Literally...
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    My country just got hit by a heat wave - my spiders gonna die?

    Hey, from what I understand heat waves are very deadly to T's, especially the ones we keep in the hobby. Usually it's like 71.6/22 degrees here, today it shot up to 96.8/36 and I'm worried about my T's. They all climbed up the side of their enclosures, I think they do this when hot. My avic...
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    HELP (stuck in the hole)

    Hi guys, I woke up to check on my slings this morning my found my Smithi like this. He is stuck. His legs are through the hole, but his abdomen won't fit. If I poke him he doesn't go back or forward, he just flails his legs a bit. Do I try to get him through the hole? Do I try to poke him...
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    When to worry about a sling not eating?

    Hi guys, thus far all of my 10 slings have eaten, except for 2. One is really small, my smallest T I have. It is a L. Klugi. I got him on 24/07. The other is my Smithi, who I also got on 24/07. My Klugi kind of just sits around in his burrow all day doing nothing. Sometimes moving. My Smithi...
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    Tarantula movies are ridiculous

    I was watching this and it's hilarious, they're acting like these tarantulas are the most dangerous demons they ever seen, yet they use the pulchripes and the smithii. And trying to cut and suck out Tarantula venom lmao.
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    A few questions about Tarantula's

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking at getting into Tarantula's. I find them pretty fascinating, but I'm also worried about getting one and treating it badly. I have a few questions; I really want to get a sling, I want a baby that I can feed and watch grow over time. Is this advised? Are slings...