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  1. J

    B hamorii

    My b hamorii juvi has been in premolt for about 4 months. Is this normal, should I be concerned or is this normal.
  2. J

    B emilia

    My new addition b emilia
  3. J

    C fimbriatus passed away.

    My c fimbriatus sling molted last night and sadly passed away,life sucks sometimes has any body had this happen,because it did fully molt.
  4. J

    M balfouri

    Check out this cutie. Couldn't take lid of as it's a bit shy.dont see it often.
  5. J

    C albostriatus

    Just a quick question I've bought today a c albostriatus and there is not much about this species.has anyone owned one.
  6. J

    C versicolor

    I wake up this morning to find c versicolor in death curl why I keep asking myself,did I do something wrong.im devastated.last night before bed she was fine,walking around her enclosure,no sign she was I'll. Or anything wrong.
  7. J

    C versicolour

    Very active t
  8. J

    Chilobrachys dyscolus molt

    Another molt today for the new year, probably no pic as she likes to stay in her burrow. Still waiting for b homorill to molt has she has been in premolt for 2 months.
  9. J

    C versicolor care

    Hi every one,I've purchased a c versicolor sling,I've heard can be tricky to keep a lot just die,what humidity do they require as I want yo get it right and bring up to adult hood.
  10. J

    Nahandu carapoensis molt

    Look at this beauty
  11. J

    P sazimai

    Fresh molt hard to take photo likes to hide.
  12. J

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas everyone & happy new year,make 2020 a great one.
  13. J

    Nahandu carapoensis

    Check this beauty out.
  14. J

    Sperm web

    Hi every one Mt t vagens has molted again and I can confirm it's a male.i think he may have matured is this a sperm web.
  15. J

    N chromatus molt

    A freshly molted n chromatus
  16. J

    H pulchripes

    I thought I will share this little cutie
  17. J

    T vagens

    Look how big this is Devo male.
  18. J

    T vagens

    I seem to have a Male t vagens if anybody is looking for breeding then let me know
  19. J

    Lp molted

    Another fresh molt of my lp
  20. J

    C lividum

    On Friday I got myself a c lividum and may I say gorgeous. My problem is it's already in a enclosure. 2" of substrate and a flowerpot hide.and for those 2 days it's been out in the open. As u all know it's a pet hole and likes to burrow and web up.si my question is shall I leave her to settle...