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  1. Matthew

    B. boehmei - may be male

    This sling is just over a year old. DLS is approximately 1.5" I guess it might be a little young to say for sure but looking at this photo I don't see anything at all to make me think it could be female. I think this one is likely a male. Do those of you with more experience concur?
  2. Matthew

    Tliltocatl pronounciation

    I haven't see a better video on how to pronounce the new genus name...
  3. Matthew

    Keeper Cards Kickstarter

    Came across this kick starter. The cards look fantastic. I decided to get a set for my daughter. She loves this kind of stuff. Figure I'd share it here too in case anyone else could be interested in a spider related gift for one's self or a loved one. Link: Keeper Cards Kickstarter
  4. Matthew

    Slings grabbing a meal.

    Managed to catch my Vagans and Versicolor grabbing a meal on video. Rarely get to see the Vagans since she spends all her time deep in her maze of tunnels. (no sound on either video)
  5. Matthew

    GBB big enough to be intimidating

    He is still a juvie but has gotten quite big. At times me moves so fast its hard to track with the naked eye. When a spider this big moves that fast it is a bit intimidating. Makes me realize I am no where near ready for a pokie... yet...
  6. Matthew

    A couple new additions

    My daughter asked for a new T for her birthday and I happened to be up in Virginia Beach near the pet store that sells T's form Fear Not Tarantulas. So I got her the B. vagans she asked for and while I was there I picked up a C. versicolor for myself so we are up to 4 spiders in our little...
  7. Matthew


    Apologies if someone has already posted about his.... Found this YouTube channel. They are trying to make a bunch of feature length documentaries on Tarantulas. The video I am linking here explains what they are doing. I encourage as many people as possible check these out and support them.
  8. Matthew

    B. Boehmei sling feeding habits?

    My daughter has had her B. Boehmei sling for a month now and in that 4 weeks she hasn't eaten a thing. It runs away from the tiny crickets she gives it so each time we end up pre-killing the cricket after leaving it to run around in there for a couple hours. We leave the dead cricket for 24...
  9. Matthew

    Dubia Dinner

    My GBB enjoying a roach...
  10. Matthew

    My daughters new Mexican Fireleg

    My 14 year old decided she really wanted her own pet T. She did her own research and decided she really wanted her first T to be a Brachypelma Boehmei. So we went to Repticon today and she found a tiny sling that she had to have. She happened to find it at the Pinchers and Pokies table which...
  11. Matthew

    Adult colors

    Got a good look at my GBB this morning. It just went through a molt a couple weeks ago and it has emerged with its adult coloration. The carapace has changed color to the trademark metallic green, its legs are an even brighter shade of blue and its abdomen has lost a lot of the black tiger...
  12. Matthew

    My GBB

    This photo is the best I could get with my phone and the lighting available. I'm not sure if it is good enough to be conclusive, but I am curious what those who know these things have to say about its gender.
  13. Matthew

    Unexpected(but not unplanned) Rehouse

    Last night I noticed some mold growing in the substrate of my spiders enclosure. I already had a plan in place to move the spider to a new enclosure after it’s next molt so I had one ready to go for it. I am pretty sure it is close to going in to pre-molt and while I’d prefer to avoid stressing...
  14. Matthew

    You can almost hear the crickets go "ohcrap!!"

    2 Crickets for my hungry GBB... You can almost hear the crickets go "ohcrap!!" when they look down the hole...
  15. Matthew

    Soooo fast.

    You can't even tell that it's crickets that are being snatched up. The spider is on them almost before they hit the web. Its speed makes it hard to get a good shot of it taking down its prey.
  16. Matthew

    Growing fast

    Won't be much longer I think before it will be time to move into a bigger place...
  17. Matthew

    Hunting by feels

    Took a bit of slow motion video of my GBB at feeding time and inadvertently caught a good example of how they hunt by vibrations and don’t rely so much on their poor eyesight. You see it jump to the exact spot the cricket hit before it bounced away.
  18. Matthew

    Nice take down

    Can't get enough of these crickets apparently...
  19. Matthew

    Love me some crickets

    My GBB doesn't even wait for me to drop the cricket...