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  1. newtots

    urgent help needed

    i know it's not about tarantulas but i've posted on several other forums and no one is helping so please if it's not allowed then delete it. i have a asian forest scorpion and he's in trouble. every one of his legs and his one claw are all stuck in the molt... i have him in an icu but it's not...
  2. newtots


    I'm selling some lp's, and the guy purchasing them wants me to drop them off.. He works until 6 and I live 30 minutes from him. It's supposed to be 26 degrees Celsius tomorrow and I don't want them to cook in the vehicle. How can I avoid any unwanted deaths? How long would they last in the car...
  3. newtots


    i have a mm avic avic and he's always been able to climb around today.. But today he can't, he's just been hanging around the bottom. He tries to climb but just can't seem to. Is this maybe the end for him?
  4. newtots


    I have someone wanting some of my tarantulas but the labels somehow got mixed up. I need to tell the difference between a Eupalaestrus Campestratus and a brachypelma smithi. Both are 1/4 inch ... There really isn't much difference between them. One just has more black on the abdomen
  5. newtots


    i will be moving tomorrow to a house a block away from my current home.... sooooo much more space! and i'm wondering if there are any tips for moving the tarantulas. i have 14 total, 12 are 1" and under and 2 are 4" as well as a whip spider. i also have 3 hermit crabs and a ball python but being...
  6. newtots


    what is a male avic avic lifespan? And how long do they take to reach adult size? I'm trying to figure out the age of the avic I bought last month. He's been hanging around the bottom of the enclosure lately not wanting to climb or web much. He is a confirmed male and is about 4" I'm wondering...
  7. newtots

    Just a thought

    just wanted to say, don't always listen to the pet store workers.. There are some very knowledgeable ones but also some terrible ones. I got an avicularia avicularia from a local pet store. Personally I would say I rescued it but I'll let others judge that. He's a good 3 1/2-4" male, and they...
  8. newtots


    how do you rehouse a very defensive t? Both my lp's go into threat posture as soon as I even lift the container.. I don't wanna run to rehouse them and have them escape or bite(not sure which would be worse). Also how do you rehouse ones with burrows? My b. Albopolosum has a really deep tunnel...
  9. newtots

    Too much???

    My brachypelma smithi and albopolosum both molted twice this month... Is this healthy? I went from a 1/4" albopolosum to 3/4" and 1/6" smithi to a 1/2".... I just don't want them to get too stressed or anything. My albopolosum is a little more moody than before but they both seem healthy
  10. newtots

    URGENT! !!!!

    My pink zebra beauty sling was in her death pose when i checked on her tonight (don't actually know gender) I thought she was dead but when i picked up the container she moved a little. . I don't know if shes just dehydrated or what! I have her in an icu right now but is there anything else i...
  11. newtots


    My lasiodora parahybana sling acts different when I put crickets in its enclosure. . All the other slings just attack and eat but this one raises it's front 2 legs in a stiking position and looks like its just threatening the cricket... it does this for five minutes every time before it will...
  12. newtots

    so excited

    i woke up and checked my t's like i always do but all i could see of my g. rosea was it's legs in the air, i thought maybe it had passed through the night because i haven't seen it in almost 2 weeks so i couldn't tell if there were any pre molt signs... it molted throught the night, i'm just...
  13. newtots

    brachypelma albopolosum

    I had an albopolosum sling in the past and it loved to tunnel...it'd spend days or weeks in it's tunnel. I got a new albopolosum sling and it refuses to come off the side ofits eenclosure. ..do they usually spend all their time climbing or is it more normal for them to burrow???
  14. newtots

    new tarantula

    So I have a chance to get one new tarantula. ...I want a heavy webber because i think their webbing is absolutely amazing but all the ones I've read about are either really fast or aggressive. I've never had an arborial before so I have no idea about their care. Any suggestions??
  15. newtots

    g. rosea

    so i have a 3" g.rosea and she just came out of a 8 month fast, she ate like 12 crickets in the last 3 days and was very violent about catching them. I've never seen or heard of them webbing much but i noticed last night she started pushing dirt from her hide into the entrance and is now...
  16. newtots


    I just got my tarantula order in and 2 are c
  17. newtots


    does anyone know where i can get isopods in canada??? i have a damon diadema coming and from what my research has told me it's best to keep them with isopods to keep mold out due to the high humidity requirments. any ideas or suggestions??
  18. newtots


    Ok.. it's not for a while yet, but im going on a camping trip with my kids and boyfriend. My only concern is that i now have one adult, one juvenile, and 9 slings ... how do people go on holidays and leave them?? My only hope is getting my dad to water them... every one else is scared of them...
  19. newtots

    going a little crazy

    i'm going nuts!!!!!!!!!! i ordered 5 tarantulas from tarantula canada and they have been delayed since the beginning of the month! then i found out they have a deal on right now 5 t's for 25$!!!!!!!!! eeek so i ordered 5 of those.. i can't wait for them to get here! i'm waiting for a...
  20. newtots


    Just got a beautiful rose hair juvenile from a local girl who admitted she had no clue what to do with a tarantula. .she swore it was sick because she couldn't get it to eat. And she only wanted 60 $ for the t, the enclosure and all the supplies.. I'm so excited to have her!!