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  1. newtots

    US Ts, Scorps, isopds, and much more...

    I want some millipedes
  2. newtots

    urgent help needed

    after talking to a few knowledgeable people about it, we have decided the kindest thing is to euthanize it :( because it's been almost 3 full days the new exoskeleton would have already begun to harden in the position it's in. due to the stress of having to try and walk and function as it is, it...
  3. newtots

    urgent help needed

    On the close up you can see how twisted his one claw is
  4. newtots

    urgent help needed

    i've had him in an icu unit since yesterday morning with a heat lamp to create enough humidity( the heat lamp is far enough away it won't heat it too much). i checked yesterday at 7pm and he was still in the exact same spot... he quite literally is stuck. i don't know what else to do. his one...
  5. newtots

    i was told you might be able to help me.... . every one of his legs and his one claw are all...

    i was told you might be able to help me.... . every one of his legs and his one claw are all stuck in the molt... i have him in an icu but it's not helping at all. it's been 48 hours that he's been stuck. he started the night of new years eve and is still in the same spot. he is still alive and...
  6. newtots

    urgent help needed

    i know it's not about tarantulas but i've posted on several other forums and no one is helping so please if it's not allowed then delete it. i have a asian forest scorpion and he's in trouble. every one of his legs and his one claw are all stuck in the molt... i have him in an icu but it's not...
  7. newtots


    I'm selling some lp's, and the guy purchasing them wants me to drop them off.. He works until 6 and I live 30 minutes from him. It's supposed to be 26 degrees Celsius tomorrow and I don't want them to cook in the vehicle. How can I avoid any unwanted deaths? How long would they last in the car...
  8. newtots


    He was mature when we bought him, we rescued him from an unknowlegable pet store that said his care is the same as a rose hair. We bought him almost a year ago so been around a good long time
  9. newtots


    i have a mm avic avic and he's always been able to climb around today.. But today he can't, he's just been hanging around the bottom. He tries to climb but just can't seem to. Is this maybe the end for him?
  10. newtots


    I have someone wanting some of my tarantulas but the labels somehow got mixed up. I need to tell the difference between a Eupalaestrus Campestratus and a brachypelma smithi. Both are 1/4 inch ... There really isn't much difference between them. One just has more black on the abdomen
  11. newtots


    i will be moving tomorrow to a house a block away from my current home.... sooooo much more space! and i'm wondering if there are any tips for moving the tarantulas. i have 14 total, 12 are 1" and under and 2 are 4" as well as a whip spider. i also have 3 hermit crabs and a ball python but being...
  12. newtots


    what is a male avic avic lifespan? And how long do they take to reach adult size? I'm trying to figure out the age of the avic I bought last month. He's been hanging around the bottom of the enclosure lately not wanting to climb or web much. He is a confirmed male and is about 4" I'm wondering...
  13. newtots

    Just a thought

    This store had a Damon diadema, 2 rosea and the avic. I was surprised they had bark for the Damon diadema but not the avic. They were housing him like a rosea and that really got on my nerves. I bought him because I find it hard to see one being raised wrong. And yes they were attempting to...
  14. newtots

    Beginner T's discussion thread

    Any euathlus sp.... Proving to be difficult to come by but amazingly docile and even friendly. I'd recommend jon300's video on YouTube about beginner species. He mentions that his euathlus is even reluctant to go in its enclosure and prefers to be out and handled
  15. newtots


    I feel I need to take back my prior comment.. I have 2 lp's both came as bonus spiders from 2 different orders. They're both pretty much the same size.. One an inch and a half, the other is 2 inches. Skittles hates me with a passion and will threat pose when I even touch the container, bubbles...
  16. newtots

    Just a thought

    just wanted to say, don't always listen to the pet store workers.. There are some very knowledgeable ones but also some terrible ones. I got an avicularia avicularia from a local pet store. Personally I would say I rescued it but I'll let others judge that. He's a good 3 1/2-4" male, and they...
  17. newtots

    Springtails ?

    The only thing I found even close was mites... I emailed tarantula Canada a picture of them and they confirmed it for me.
  18. newtots


    Could be spring tails... Or maybe some form of larva. Are there lots on your t?
  19. newtots

    Springtails ?

    When I tried to get a picture of them it took over an hour because the camera has to focus so much
  20. newtots

    Springtails ?

    They're just a really tiny bug... Like a speck. They just eat the waste in the enclosure. I'm sure if there are 2 there are more you don't see. They're really hard to see