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  1. Mvtt70

    US Females (juvies) for sale

    That one sold Updated the list.
  2. Mvtt70

    US Females (juvies) for sale

    All are sold except regalis and chromatus
  3. Mvtt70

    US Females (juvies) for sale

    It's prob closer to 2"
  4. Mvtt70

    US Females (juvies) for sale

    Tarantula Availabiliy List: P. auratus (Cuban Bronze, personal favorite sp.) 2" female $140 C. cyaneopubescens 1.5" female $150 P. cambridgei female 2" $100 P. regalis 2' female $95 N. chromatus female 1.5" $100 P. sazimai 1.5" female $140 TOS: Fedex overnight only, send me a message if...
  5. Mvtt70

    US Adult Theraphosa Stirmi Female

    these often go for $100-150. Shoot me a message if you'd be interested in working out a deal without the enclosure I'd possibly be interested.
  6. Mvtt70

    US 5.5" female P. vittata - California sales only shipping/pickup

    5.5" female P. vittata - $300 TOS: Available for Cali sales ONLY. I can ship Fedex overnight or 2 day, or offer local pickup. Message me if you're interested.
  7. Mvtt70

    US P. metallica 4" SOLD

  8. Mvtt70

    US P. metallica 4" SOLD

    updated photo
  9. Mvtt70

    US P. metallica 4" SOLD

  10. Mvtt70

    US P. metallica 4" SOLD

    4" P. metallica unsexed "sus. female" SOLD TOS: Located in California, shipping available either Overnight or 2 Day Fedex.
  11. Mvtt70

    US Pokies For Sale - Hanu & Vitatta

    No prices?
  12. Mvtt70

    US P. cambridgei 2" female

    Selling my P. cambridgei 2" female $110
  13. P. metallica 3"+ Male or Female?

    P. metallica 3"+ Male or Female?

  14. Mvtt70

    revamped Media organization?

    Is it just me or is this site's revamped Media section all messed up and super hard to use?...
  15. P. metallica 3" m/f?

    P. metallica 3" m/f?

  16. Mvtt70

    G. pulchripes & L. difficilis AF's Unboxing Video

    New upload unboxing my new G. pulchripes and L. difficilis adult females & rehousing.
  17. Mvtt70

    US T. stirmi pair

  18. Mvtt70

    US T. stirmi adult female