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  1. Telson

    B boehmei

    Anyone seen any sexed female boehmei for sale from reputable US breeders? My male is creeping up on his last few molts and I want a female for him. And me. We'll share her ;)
  2. Telson

    This latest attack in France...

    When will the world open it's eyes regarding Islam? How many people have to die? Islam is not a religion. It's a violent, destructive ideology. When polled, so called peaceful islamists would not denounce their radical brethren. Do you know why? Because their so called religion calls for these...
  3. Telson

    Buying 2nd instar scorplings and slings.

    I just wanted to share my experiences purchasing 2nd instars. I've only bought one sling at that size, and it died one day after arrival. Ive purchased several scorplings at that size, all recently, and I've lost 4 out of maybe 15 of them, to unknown causes. I had seen a few veteran breeders...
  4. Telson

    Tityus trivittatus

    A few months back, a dealer let me know he had these coming in. Unfortunately they all died before he could ship.. Well i found one again, and got it. It died yesterday. Ive got many sp of arachnid, and my losses are minimal, but im wondering if these guys are like Rh. pintoi, and just delicate...