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  1. Birthday Boehmei...

    Birthday Boehmei...

    Got a pleasant surprise today. My brother and nephews pitched in together and surprised me with this lovely little B.boehmei for my birthday. I never get spiders as gifts and for them to find one that I've had on my wishlist since getting into the hobby really is special too me.
  2. G.pulchra freshly molted!!!

    G.pulchra freshly molted!!!

  3. D.pentaloris


  4. Tgotty90

    Dogs in Funny Sleeping Positions

    Well since you can't delete the thread figured i would help you out and share my goofy one year old pitbull since he sleeps in all kinds of weird positions. He has no respect for personal space either :D
  5. P.formosa


  6. Regalis has risen

    Regalis has risen

  7. P.regalis


  8. A fresh B.vagans

    A fresh B.vagans

  9. Another one!!!

    Another one!!!

    My b.vagans decided it was time to flip over too!!!
  10. L.klugi freshly molted

    L.klugi freshly molted

  11. P.regalis


  12. A.genic freshly molted

    A.genic freshly molted

    My smaller genic Brock finally molted again! Starting to catch up on my other genic Gene.
  13. Not a T

    Not a T

    Our little savannah monitor trying to hide out in the rocks waiting for something good to come by.
  14. Finally shed!!!

    Finally shed!!!

    The lesser enchi ball finally shed after having her for about 6 months. She was tough to get going at first but after a few months finally got her eating good and starting to grow.
  15. G.pulchripes sling rehoused

    G.pulchripes sling rehoused

    Little g.pulchripes finally out grew its little vial so this will have to do for a little while.
  16. D.pentaloris rehoused

    D.pentaloris rehoused

    This one just molted last week and was well over due for a rehouse.
  17. Hapalopus sp Columbia feeding

    Hapalopus sp Columbia feeding

    This one is due for a rehouse too just letting on her finish a post molt meal before i do so.
  18. Tgotty90

    New snake!!!

    @Kaden Alexander , they are pretty neat looking. I never seen one before until a couple of years ago. I guess these are the best starter snakes in Australia. They don't have ball pythons, corn snakes and other colubrids there so this or a Childrens or Stimsons pythons are what they go for to...
  19. Tgotty90

    What do you think the most underrated T species is?

    Hey if you're giving them away hook me up:D i could definitely see B.sabulosum being considered underrated and to be honest I've over looked this species myself many times as well. I think it's just because the b.vagans has the popular name and people go for that first cause it's all they know...
  20. Tgotty90

    New snake!!!

    Just wanted to share my little spotted python i just got in this morning. Such a cool little snake.