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  1. Tnoob

    Confirm, and confirmed maybe.

    5 molts found in the last two days. Pretty sure I'm looking at a female.
  2. Tnoob

    All my T's look fat.

    I've also noticed that 3 of them seem to be trying to bury themselves. I think I am expecting molt...
  3. Tnoob

    After a day like today...

    Can't wait to be home and play some Diablo 3 on my switch, and feed my pets. Hardcore seasonal. Hit me up and add me if you you want.
  4. Tnoob

    Tnoob's tarantula rescue.

    Friend at work has an infestation of German roaches at her house. Asked me to house this little guy.
  5. Tnoob

    @casey k

    Here's the picture I got. All three enclosures are pretty much the same. Light misting on the side near the water dish every 3 or 4 days. Bug guts are on the right near the card board.
  6. Tnoob

    Picture quality

    Man, everyone here posts great pictures of their pets, and mine sucks. What kind of camera's does everyone use? It would be nice to get something on a budget.
  7. Tnoob

    If you're mentally healthy, watch this.

    Now ask me if we need a change in life.
  8. Tnoob

    Let's be honest, it's gross.

    My H Mac enclosure looks pretty gross, and I think I need to clean it. It's poopy, there's water spots, and I'm also concerned that food may have not been eaten. I have confirmed the spider looks healthy, but perhaps no molt anytime soon and the fangs are black.
  9. Tnoob

    GBB sling identification.

    Is this one?
  10. Tnoob

    Me when I get a new tarantula

  11. Tnoob

    I'm probably the only one, but...

    Does anyone else just sit and watch their enclosures waiting for their spider to do something?
  12. Tnoob

    Drying substrate.

    So, I'm prepping enclosures today, and the substrate is a little more damp than what's needed. I decided to see what happens if I add dry sphagnum moss to the mix.
  13. Tnoob

    Not a shampain video.

    I'm a little nervous to share this, but I made it. Hope you guys enjoy it. Hope someone finds it useful.
  14. Tnoob

    New family member.

  15. Tnoob

    Some kinda weird pets.

    I swear it's like my cats whole goal in life is to lick my arm pits. WTF?
  16. Tnoob

    Uploading video.

    Is there a way to do this without messing with YouTube?
  17. Tnoob

    Looks healthy.

  18. Tnoob

    H. Mac picky eaters?

    Read an article saying this, but I'm not one who readily believes articles with extensive grammatical errors, but I'm starting to wonder. Last ate 5/16 Dubia has been tried several times and I'm getting nowhere. Should I try something else?
  19. Tnoob

    Monsoon season is coming soon.

    So, I'm thinking about going down to Arizona and maybe trying to capture a few aphonopelma chalcodes. What you all think?
  20. Tnoob

    This is what I love.

    It doesn't look like much, but that webbing is coming out nicely. Still can't get it to eat, but it will some day, I'm sure. Maybe I should get a bigger prey item?