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  1. menavodi

    Breeding of Chilobrachys andersoni

    8/17/19 I introduced a male to her terrarium at about 1:00 pm. He ran off under the A/C unit and then jumped down on a watering can. At 1:43 pm he went back up and down in her container and started drumming. She responded and pretty soon he started pushing her up. He inserted several times...
  2. menavodi

    Interesting Behavior of Ch. andersoni

    When one of my andersoni males matured I moved him into a large tote (23”x16”x13” or 58 cm x 41 cm x 33 cm). He made a retreat behind a piece of bark I put in there. I also had a female, which molted 7/719. She lived in a much smaller terrarium where she had a retreat with 2 openings. At...
  3. menavodi

    A Lot Going On...

    Tarantula weddings... I hope for lots of spiderlings :T:
  4. menavodi


    ...on Instagram https://instagram.com/jessica_arachnid?igshid=t0tq9mxqcqzr I just ordered Hysterocrates sp. Benin from Jessica. The communication was easy and she responded very fast. I received my shipment in excellent shape. Her packaging was super. One of the slings molted during the...
  5. menavodi

    12 Hysterocrates sp. Benin

    I just added 12 slings of Hysterocrates sp. from Benin to my collection. I got interested in this one, because of a video I saw on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxFTH3knRvB/?igshid=1lomruuolj6jg
  6. menavodi

    Arachnoclown...you are to alone!

    The title should say: you are not alone.... No fear....Fred is here :p:D:)
  7. menavodi

    Chilobrachys andersoni...

    I tried it today...not sure if it did happen. We will see.:D
  8. menavodi

    US Chilobrachys andersoni 1.0

    I have a fresh Ch. andersoni male. All my females are too young. If you have an adult female let me know. Only interested in a few slings if mating was successful. Pm me. Fred