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  1. menavodi

    New pics with new lens

    Nice! :)
  2. menavodi

    2 new babies and 2 rehouses 14/02/20

    Congratulations! They look great! :)
  3. menavodi

    Excited my chilobrachys molted female or male?

    Can’t really tell. Pictures are not clear enough...
  4. menavodi

    Lunchtime for baby curlyhair

    Great name...:cool:
  5. menavodi


    When you are in your 70’s we will have so many electric and self driving cars you might not want a Tesla...;)
  6. menavodi

    Suspended water dish for a. avic?

    All spiders need water. They do not get enough liquid from their pray.
  7. menavodi

    February 2020 Photo contest entries

    :T: Looks like a stick spider, which would be in the Deinopidae family
  8. menavodi

    Hi guys..

    Welcome to this great place! :T:
  9. menavodi

    Hi.....I am new here.

    Welcome :)
  10. menavodi

    New Slings

    2 good ones! Congratulations :T:
  11. menavodi

    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome to this great forum! :)
  12. menavodi

    Who's molted today

    Looks good!
  13. menavodi

    A few rehouses

    Looks very good! :)
  14. menavodi

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to TF! :)
  15. menavodi

    What are your preferred feeders?

    Crickets... lots of them. I only have good experience with it.
  16. menavodi

    My Animals

    Nice picture! :)
  17. menavodi

    Poecleothera metallica sex

    ;) What @Arachnoclown said...
  18. menavodi

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to TF! :cool:
  19. menavodi

    February 2020 Photo contest entries

    It is a cicada. We have a lot of them during late summer. This one was sitting on my door frame, enjoying life