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  1. Evanthomas

    B albopilosom New Molt

    Beautiful! A friend of mine mentioned wanting to get one of these recently but I can't seem to find any available on the boards.. unless I haven't searched deep enough. It's still early hahaha
  2. Evanthomas

    A couple of B.vagans in the wild

    BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Evanthomas

    Meet Kable

    Aww! He is so cute, I just fed mine yesterday but I'll try and get a pic of him soon
  4. Evanthomas

    New molt!

  5. 0.1 T. stirmi

    0.1 T. stirmi

    I can't get enough of this girl
  6. Evanthomas

    Getting really impatient!

    :eek: I would have been devastated! I'm sorry for the loss. I've never kept scorps, I figured most of them were fine housed together though
  7. Evanthomas

    question concerning feeding

    When I tried lats back in like 2008 or 2009 I remember getting ooths but they never hatched out.
  8. Evanthomas

    I.mira molt

    I still need one :p
  9. Evanthomas

    I.mira molt

    Congrats, I want one of these one day.
  10. Evanthomas

    question concerning feeding

    I'll have to try them with sub (eco earth), no additional heat? Maybe I'll order a handful and see what I can do.
  11. Evanthomas

    Hi just stumbled across this forum and decided to join

    Hello and welcome! Nice collection, can't wait for some close ups! ;)
  12. Evanthomas

    Getting really impatient!

    Sorry to hear, the suspense will make it that much more exciting though!
  13. Evanthomas

    P. metallica on floor of enclosure..

    One thing I've learned is that I'll never completely understand their behavior.
  14. Evanthomas

    p fasciata update

    I acquired a handful of P. regalis slings and they have mostly all burrowed and some have webbed the entire enclosure while others just have their little burrow.
  15. Evanthomas

    Fasting Rose Hair

    I wouldn't use a heating pad unless you can regulate the exact temperature it will get to. Any chance you can get the ambient room temperature up to 70 degrees for her? Other than the temperature I wouldn't worry too much about her not eating, my rose hair has gone many many months (so many I...
  16. Evanthomas

    Avicularia purpurea New Molt

    Beautiful Avic!
  17. Evanthomas

    question concerning feeding

    I tried lats many many years ago and never got any nymphs from them. How do you set them up?
  18. Evanthomas

    P regalia and p fasciata

    Congrats! I'm still getting used to how fast my P. regalis slings are!
  19. Evanthomas

    Pterinopelma sazimai - both molted.

    Congrats on the molts! I've never kept this species but they sound like fast growers!
  20. Evanthomas

    Picked up a GBB

    Congrats! I was at Anastasia's table and had to fight the urge to buy one of them! I am in a bit of a financial rut so I only allowed myself to buy my frozen feeders which I had intended on getting while I was there and possible a T or two for a friend of mine.