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  1. Gscottjr

    Green Lynx spider

    I saw this spider and wasp going at it. The spider won in short order.
  2. Gscottjr

    Picked this up to convert to enclosures.

    I found this unit at an estate sale and it screams T enclosures. I think I will put a solid wood back on it then put individual acrylic doors on the front. Was thinking some kind of pond coating on the inside to make it more water resistant. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  3. Gscottjr

    Is my OBT a boy or girl

    Not sure if the picture is clear enough but I only had one chance. The flash didn't help either. Hopefully someone can make it out.
  4. Gscottjr

    Need advice

    A co worker brought me a little gift this morning. To my surprise he caught a little scorpion. I am not sure what to do with the little guy. Didn't want to turn it loose so thought I would give raising it a go. Any advice on taking care of it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Gscottjr

    New pics of wee one

    Took a few pictures while he was eating.
  6. Gscottjr

    Reptisand for geckos??

    I just got a new leopard gecko and bought a zoo med complete set up. It come with repti sand and I have read that sand isn't good. So what is better to use? I may just use paper towels at first but would coco fiber be ok?
  7. Gscottjr

    I am not sure if my LP is alive

    I don't know what to think of this. My LP has been in premolt for a couple weeks. I came in tonight to find her on her back but not moving at all. Is that normal or did I lose her? Do they just lay on their back? I don't want to disturb her but I am worried. The pic isn't real good but you can...
  8. Gscottjr

    Misc. collection pics.

    I was cleaning enclosures last night and it hit me in 2 months I have gone from 1 little bitty B emilia to 6 tarantulas (5 and 1 on the way). I guess it is an addiction. :) Sorya 1st T Sorya after molt end of July Margaret P.cam (sorry for the sideways pic) Namibe OBT All their...
  9. Gscottjr

    Too much?

    This is what happens when I get bored and find the label maker. The wife says I am a nerd. Is it over the top???;)o_O
  10. Gscottjr

    Newest additions

    I went to Repticon yesterday and came home with a few new pets. The poor OBT was in a really small container and doesn't look like it was fed very well but its coloring is beautiful. I put him in a larger enclosure this morning with no problems. A female P.cam Unsexed OBT Tokay Gecko "Loki"
  11. Gscottjr

    Any guesses on my B. emilia?

    Not sure if he/she is big enough. But got a pretty clear picture. (Hopefully) Thanks guys and gals;)
  12. Gscottjr

    Snake question

    Hi all. I have a question about feeding my little Cali King snake. Actually a few questions maybe. :confused: We have had the little guy about 2 months and have been feeding him a pinky once a week. I was wondering if he needs more than one. (question 1 lol) I just read another post and they...
  13. Gscottjr

    Lighting question

    I moved both of my Ts to my closet because it is warmer in there and nobody but me and the wife goes in there. The question is does it being dark in there all the time hurt anything? I close the door for the warmth and usually leave the light off. When I do leave the light on the wife turns it...
  14. Gscottjr

    Did it molt?? Help please

    The pictures are not good. Hard to get a pic in the little opening. But something happened. His/her carapace is white. I can't see a molt but I think some dirt work was done today. Also I can't catch the small cricket that I thought was eaten but it is in the hide quite alive. The only way to...
  15. Gscottjr

    Can anyone name this spider??

    I found this spider at work today. Have never seen one like it before. Does anyone know what it might be?
  16. Gscottjr


    Is anyone on here going to Repticon in Pasadena, Tx. August 6 & 7? I can't wait to go see what kind of Ts I can take home :D
  17. Gscottjr

    Feeding/eating question

    A buddy gave me a few dubia roaches yesterday so I dropped one into my L. parahybana tank. The roach was about 1" long. It scared the T so bad he almost came out of the tank. I walked away and went back a few minutes later and T had the roach captured in his fangs. That was last night now this...
  18. Gscottjr

    Sex of my LP if possible?

    I spooked my LP and it gave me a pretty good underneath view so was wondering if anyone could tell if it is male or female. I don't have a clue yet what to look for.:oops:
  19. Gscottjr

    My sons Cali King

    I got tarantulas and my son wanted a snake so......
  20. Gscottjr

    T #2

    I went to get crickets for my Emilia and couldn't leave without a new LP. Thanks Pets a plenty in Hockley Tx.