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    Anyone know of a good place to get mantids and or walking stick? I am in the market for some. :)
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    Hey guys, Im looking for enclosures for XL size tarantulas. Any ideas?
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    Mite Question

    Hey ya'll I have been finding the odd mite from time to time. I look for them but don't see any in any of my enclosures. But When I get them off the shelf to feed and what not, I find a mite roaming, so far just on the outside of the enclosure. I'm guessing there are some in the enclosure. Is...
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    Couple of additions

    Anyone know what the scorpion is? I know it is a Heterometrus species, but other than that is there an easy way to tell?
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    Urticating Hairs

    Hey everybody...I have had my first notable experience with urticating hairs. My GBB just molted and I was handling the molt checking sex and holding it and measuring the molt. (5 and a half in. by the way) and I got hairs down between my fingers. They have been driving me nuts for 2 days...lol...
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    Centipede Question

    Anyone have experience with centipedes? I was just wondering if there is a way to sex them, other than the half drown them and bring them back method.
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    Just some shares....

    I haven't shared any pics in a while. Just thought I share. The B. smithi, and GBB are my first 2. Got them as spiderlings. The OBT I have had since in was tiny. And the P. irminia and the P. canerides I just got at the show last month.
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    New Additions

    Just got these guys at a show last month. A vinegaroon and a H. Spinifer. My first scorpion!
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    Name help.

    I just got a p. irimina ( Venezuelan Sun Tiger ) And I'm looking for help with a name....I like clever, and puns, I usually don't have any trouble but I just cant think of anything that strikes my own fancy....so turn to my fellow arachno-brothers and sisters... I will be forever in your...
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    Drilling Glass Tanks

    Who has had luck drilling glass fish tanks? I want to make some with acrylic doors but I want there to be cross ventilation. @SpiderDad61 if I remember correctly, you did didn't you? Pics and feedback would be awesome guys! Thanks. PS....haven't been on in a while. who remembers me? lol and...
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    Eublaberus posticus us

    20 cents a piece. Adults and nymphs...will just be a mix. $20.00 shipping. Will ship with heat pack and Styrofoam lined box. Pm me if an questions or would like some. No Florida or tennesse
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    Redhead Roaches

    I was just putting this out there. Wanted to get an idea of how many if anyone would be interested in some redhead feeder roaches....I have a colony that is getting pretty large and looking to get rid of some. Let me know what u guys think. Thanks.
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    Holy Crap I am jealous!

    I was just checking out the spider shops website for the hell of it! no wonder u guys across the pond can get so many spiders! stuff that is like 6 or 7 bucks for u all is 35 40 or 50 for us...plus shipping!!! crazy!!
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    Im Back

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on in a long time. Life has been pretty hectic...School, Work, 2nd Job, And summer time toys take up most of my time. lol But I think ill be able to pop in a lot more than I have been. I see a lot of new people and looking for to helping and learning with them. :)...
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    Shows around Maryland

    Are there ever any shows in or around the Maryland area that anyone knows of?
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    New Additions

    I just aquired some new additions! Blaberus giganteus, Gramphadorhina portentosa, Elliphorina javanica, and Eublaberus posticus. :)
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    Aphonopelma johnnycashi??

    Anyone hearing any buzz about these guys yet? I want one.
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    Dwarf white isopods sub?

    What the best thing to use for dwarf white isopod substrate? i would get organic soil, im just a little leery of what to get. any suggestions?