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  1. SpiderDad61

    Not a T, but a T-reat

    Saved this female wolf spider. Weeks later, she was carrying around her egg sac, and this morning, look what I found.....soooo cute.
  2. Not a T, lol

    Not a T, lol

  3. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    I think she’s feeling a bit better today. I caught her cleaning and grooming...even with her problem rear legs. This morning she was all stretched out. Lol. Fingers crossed, big girl.
  4. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Yea idk if she’s swollen or what. She didn’t even seem that fat before molt
  5. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    It’s been over 2 weeks. My other ones always wait to eat but since the beginning she always had an appetite 2 weeks after at most. It’s kinda why I kno she’s not right, lol. Today I took her out, put her in a container, brushed the corn starch off her, cleaned her enclosure and laid some...
  6. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    K, I’ll just try n feed and water her every day n hope for the best
  7. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Yea, but I’ve had her since she was very small with never a single problem ever.... no molting issues, no nothing. It’s weird this suddenly happened. I’ll try n feed her by sliding cricket gumbo under her tmoro
  8. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Her 2 right side problem book lungs are blocked up. The one where the hemolymph poured out now has “scabbed” over and is pretty much sealed over. The other one looks sealed over as well. Idk what to do about that, if I should risk trying to clear them up. Maybe leave the one that hemmoraged...
  9. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Thx clown. I’ll keep y’all posted
  10. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    I do. I made her some cricket soup in a thin saucer, and slid it under her and she tried to crawl(struggling) away with no interest in the food at all. Usually any movement around her and she would sound like a demonic baby rattle attacking, but now nothing. It’s sad to watch. She ain’t right
  11. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Thx all. I had her forever and watched her grow into a living monster. IDK how, but I hope she makes it. In a day or 2 I’m gonna make her cricket soup n see if she will eat, bc she aint moving and it’s been almost 2 weeks since her molt. Losing all that hemolymph.... have to get her some fluids
  12. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    She is laying in the same spot I left her in.... the flow stopped but I don’t think it’s good. I mean how is a bleed from the book lungs gonna fix itself?
  13. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Last week my female burgundy Goliath, RAMBO, molted out of the blue.....she’s big, at least 10”+ she hasn’t moved much. Cleaning her enclosure I noticed an issue with her right side both book lungs. The rearmost one has a white chalky substance on the edges, like coming out of it...very little...
  14. Fresh P. rufilata

    Fresh P. rufilata

  15. H. punchripes

    H. punchripes

    Just finished
  16. H. pulchripes freshly molted

    H. pulchripes freshly molted

    What a beauty
  17. Avic versi post molt

    Avic versi post molt

  18. Avic versi molting

    Avic versi molting

  19. "Black fire"

    "Black fire"

    Colors already coming in.
  20. Gooty on her back

    Gooty on her back