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  1. Paul Bowen

    Exoskeleton/molt request

    All, I have a random request and if this doesn't belong let me know. My town is doing a Harry Potter festival and I was hoping to put some T molts on display. If you have any you can give up I can provide a shipping label (US). Please let me know if anyone can assist thanks all.
  2. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Update she chomped a roach today!!! She's carrying it around while it's still kicking.
  3. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    That's what I thought. I left a small cricket, see if she gets it. She hasn't eaten in 10 days but yeah she's a chunky monkey
  4. Paul Bowen

    LP Sling nom nom

    My little guy has grown and is enjoying a snack.
  5. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Update: nothing happening and still refusing food.
  6. Paul Bowen

    US B. Dubias Just Pay Shipping!!

    I will gladly buy. How can I pay you? I live in South Jersey.
  7. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Thanks all. I will update as events unfold.
  8. Paul Bowen

    A question for someone more experienced than myself.

    I've thought the same thing...maybe T sex fairies help?
  9. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Still no molt and she hasn't made any more webbing or molt pad. Her butt is barer but it might be from kicking hairs. Could it be that she's turning down just worms? I'm tempted to buy a few crickets to find out. Would a picture be helpful in directing me?
  10. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Found 3 worms lol. Put her in a small container and left a worm in it just to double check. She actually avoided it and started webbing within 5 minutes. So hopefully we have a molt soon!!!!
  11. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    On my to do list tomorrow. I'm also taking out the log to give her more room or should I wait until it's game on for molting?
  12. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Her butt is extra bald so I think I will dig them out as she could molt soon.
  13. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    On top of this, one of my guys at work Fed her Friday and she didn't eat. So now I've got 3 super worms crawling in the enclosure. Should I take her out and dig them up?
  14. Paul Bowen

    Webbing LP

    Just noticed this. Haven't fed her since last Wednesday and this girl can eat. She turned down 2 super worms. What's the deal with the ball of Web?
  15. Paul Bowen

    Tarantula Pet Names

    Ungoliant Shelobs mother
  16. Paul Bowen

    When to Introduce a Water Dish to My Enclosure

    I would wait until 2 or 3 inches. A bottle cap with spraying the substrate and container should suffice.
  17. Paul Bowen

    ISO roaches

    B never tried them but looking to see if anyone can ship me some. I will pay for shipping if you provide your mailing address.
  18. Paul Bowen

    The spider hunter film

    So cool!
  19. Paul Bowen