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  1. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'O. diamantinensis'

    I'll have to tell U. Bolt that he has a sibling (sister?) I'm hoping to get a gf lined up for him when he matures, providing I've sexed the moult right :) How quickly do the females mature Phil? jk Lol is Spinder still a thing?
  2. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'O. diamantinensis'

    Looks to be same size as mine......from the same clutch?
  3. Jess S

    Pterinochilus murinus

    I think it may well be an S calceatum. Serious venom. Will need an arboreal setup with a couple inches to burrow in as still a sling. Watch those fingers lol
  4. diamantinensiscrazyspinning.mp4


    D. diamantinensis having a couple minutes of intense webbing. It was certainly something to behold!
  5. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'Anki - Sericopelma angustum'

    I wasn't aware that they were as handsome as this. What a wonderful looking tarantula!
  6. Jess S

    Need confirmation...

    Still not clear I'm afraid so will stick with my initial assessment! It's difficult to get a good shot when they are small
  7. Jess S

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    Oh no! I'm always too late lol
  8. Jess S

    Need confirmation...

    I see structures that look female however, it could be another part of the moult that hadn't been cleared away from that area. There's part of a book lung right underneath the furrow, so I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is the real thing or something extra. Is it possible to clear everything...
  9. Jess S

    First new additions in a long time!

    Congratulations on some cracking additions there. Species I can only dream about having lol!!
  10. Jess S

    Help! B. Smithi stuck in pre-molt? Hasn't moved for 2 weeks and looks dehydrated.

    It is unusual but I have seen photos of older tarantulas in premoult with abdomens like that. I would check for signs of life first though. As it does concern me that you say it hasn't moved so much as a leg. You can give the back leg a touch with a brush, if it moves a leg, hooray. Then place a...
  11. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'H. Pulchripes'

    Sorry to hear that. I'm sure you're gutted. Hope you'll be able to get another one sometime :)
  12. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'H. sp columbia'

    Stunning bro!
  13. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'BF948780-8468-457A-9FB4-E5E8D602DF91.jpeg'

    I'm been stuck by the green eyed monster again! I'm so jealous!!! Lol
  14. Jess S

    Is my new tarantula going to die?

    If you bought it at a petshop or from a dealer and was told it was a female, I would definitely contact them for the possibility of a full or partial refund as it was not as described. Some places (im thinking petshops) have a bad habit of calling every tarantula female so they have a better...
  15. Jess S

    N chormatus

    I'm starting to get jealous that you are having all these new t's James!! Send some to me, it'll help me feel a bit better!!;):D Edit: only just noticed this is a few weeks ago, haha
  16. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'Hallelujah.jpg'

    They take forever to moult it seems! Keep us updated when it does. It's a beautiful spider and I can wait to see it bigger and brighter!!
  17. Jess S

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi and welcome!
  18. Jess S

    Awesome A. geniculata feeding clip!!

    True. I have a personal preference for slightly roomier enclosures, as in 2-3 body dls each way but that's just me. It's not necessary. I have to admit I do love to see a good off the tongs feeding, but when I learnt of tarantulas fangs being broken I decided I wasn't going to chance it. I saw...
  19. Jess S

    Too Moist?

    Now it's tips like that, that makes me glad I'm on this forum, as well as connecting with my fellow keepers, if course lol!!
  20. Jess S

    Comment by 'Jess S' in media 'God Jul!'

    Looks really festive!!