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  1. Out For a Stroll

    Out For a Stroll

    Can you see why I named my p. reduncus Happy Feet? Happy molted several weeks back and couldn't help but snap a pic of her orange smile.
  2. Too Good

    Too Good

    Everyone, meet Heart Attack or as I call them, HA. Too good for their water dish so I have to drizzle the glass every 3 days.
  3. Crax

    Villosella escape...

    Oh, I will look again to check to see if she's there in a week. If I missed her and she's stressed, I want the best for her. Now keep in mind, the spoods are in my studio which is attached through a door way. My two sons (the kitties) aren't allowed in. I just have to be careful. I hope I...
  4. Crax

    Villosella escape...

    Also, sorry for your loss.
  5. Crax

    Villosella escape...

    In an exo terra design there are three holes in the upper right corner. Being a dumb dumb I didn't close that slider so the three holes were open. I assumed she was too big for the holes but looking back at the rehousing photo in the plastic shot glass, she could have fit.
  6. Crax

    Villosella escape...

    Well I called a vet and let her know what was going on. She gave me a slight lecture on how I shouldn't keep venomous creatures if I'm going to keep cats but she did suggest that it shouldn't be too much of an issue except a dead spood if the kitties and Spoodle meet. Spoodle as an adult...
  7. Crax

    Comment by 'Crax' in media 'Psazimai+moult.jpg'

    Your baby is so precious! Congratz on such a successful molt. :3
  8. Crax

    Comment by 'Crax' in media 'It's another Genic Pic day :)'

    Play the song, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, by Culture Club. If she doesn't get a laugh, I'm sure you will. :cool:
  9. Crax

    Comment by 'Crax' in media 'Sing Looking About.'

    I have two of the same genius. Teddy Bear is a phormictopus auratus and Sing. They both have wildly different habits. One is bold while the other literally dug up her enclosure, made a network of tunnels, then decided to live there every 3 weeks out of 4. I'm looking for more. I do love...
  10. Crax

    Villosella escape...

    I don't keep HER in communal. She ate her sibling when she was a sling. So with a history of cannibalism, I just don't risk it. Dart is WAY to small to be put in a nano anyways and those are my only two H. Vill, that I have. ONE DAY I will own a beautiful sublime colony... but right now...
  11. Crax

    Comment by 'Crax' in media 'Happy Feet Relaxing'

    Thank you :)
  12. Crax

    Villosella escape...

    Well I'm doomed. My oldest h. villosella has escaped. They are six months old. I rehoused them 3 weeks ago and saw the next day s/he had dissapeared. Some webbing but not much. I dug into their enclosure today and guess what?! No Spoodle. Worse case I don't find her, any one have a...
  13. Sing Looking About.

    Sing Looking About.

    My phormictopus dominican purple sp. I have to say s/he is one of my boldest spoods. They molted yesterday and I hope to update this pic soon.
  14. Telle Saying Hi!

    Telle Saying Hi!

    Telle is a stromatopelma calceatum and dubbed my forever sling. She's growing so much slower, it's painful. Other than that, a giant treat to see her out. Must have missed her border patrol.
  15. Crax

    Wondering if anyone has started a collection of bad t. videos?

    Never mind I shall drop it then. Since you have already proven the point of how it would be misinterpreted.
  16. Crax

    Wondering if anyone has started a collection of bad t. videos?

    I like that but I could argue (being a devils advocate), how do you know what they are doing is right? Unless it's been proven to be wrong in the past. Showing mistakes is a really great way to learn. I would love to show the good and the bad. So how about a thread showing tarantula videos...
  17. Crax

    Wondering if anyone has started a collection of bad t. videos?

    Just like the title, was wondering if there were a collection of bad tarantula videos. Bad keeping, misinformation, horrible mishaps due to careless human error, and more... I think you get the idea. I wanted to know if there was a thread already done, if not, I would like to start one...
  18. Crax

    Thick gloves & long tweezers!!!!

    I have dyslexia. Can you tell? I have to agree with you, he is out of his depth. Not to mention the rehouse cup? Why open it where your hands are going to be? O.o That boggled my mind.
  19. Happy Feet Relaxing

    Happy Feet Relaxing

    Happy is a Psalmopoeus Reduncus. I love her so much! Well it's not confirmed through molt since she destroyed most of it, waiting for another to look at but it to confirm my suspicions. She's probably one of my relaxed babies, up there with Izzy.
  20. Spoodle not enjoying her rehouse.

    Spoodle not enjoying her rehouse.

    I've had Spoodle since they were super tiny. One of my first slings I ever owned so they have a special spot with me. I rehoused them two weeks ago and have not seen them since. I'll give it another week before pulling up their bark. I know heterothele villosellas are known for being nervous.