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  1. AlyeskaWolf

    Brain Tumor.

    For those who know me, I am sorry I have not been online recently. I found out I have a brain tumor. And its been making me really sick and occupied...I hope to have surgery soon, and hopefully that will make my symptoms get better because I cannot even sit at my PC without feeling sick.
  2. AlyeskaWolf

    My OBT!!! Need some advice...

    I have a 2" OBT...recently it has been hiding in its burrow and not eating so I thought it was going to molt...last night it looked like he flipped onto his back to, but never did, now hes just normal...my concern is, it looks like he lost part of a leg...I can't tell because I can barely see...
  3. AlyeskaWolf

    New Babies!!!

    :D Just received my special packages in the mail from Ken. My .5 inch Ceratogyrus (ADORABLE) and my Black Widow spider. Let the re-housing begin...I shall have photos as soon as I can, may be hard though, they are so small, and my camera is horrible. But Ill try :D Already named my Widow...
  4. AlyeskaWolf

    I'm going to need more shelves...

    What I have so far, but I will be adding 2 new additions on tuesday. My big girl. ^ OBT butt! ^.^ ^Pregnant. Babies will need homes. Cannot wait until tuesday for my new babies!!!!
  5. AlyeskaWolf

    My second T ! :D

    Soooo happy, got my second T today, its a little, about an inch, slightly bigger, Usambara Baboon :D My phone takes terrible pictures, he or she looks brown in the photos, but really has a very beautiful orange color. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Im in love, lol...
  6. AlyeskaWolf

    Praying Mantis Babies

    My Mantis cocoon hatched er...way too early, lol. I now have about...20-ish babies I am separating as evenly as I can into containers setup for them to minimize cannibalism. I have raised them before and hatched their cocoons before, something my father and I do to help increase population. But...
  7. AlyeskaWolf

    My Lovely Lady

    My Chilean Rose hair, Neith calmly sitting on my hand. Rosie <3
  8. AlyeskaWolf

    First Scorpion!

    Just got my first scorpion, an Asian Forest Scorpion. He's awesome. I'll get better pics soon, His name is Loki :)
  9. AlyeskaWolf

    My Rose Hair hasn't eaten for 2 months...

    I've had my Rosie for awhile now and she was always a voracious eater, like 6 crickets every other night, and she was always very active. But for the past 2 months she wont eat and doesn't venture around anymore. Seems like a long fast to me, getting worried...although she does seem perfectly...
  10. AlyeskaWolf

    US Philadelphia Reptile Expo

    Going Saturday the 28th, be there! Its massive and has EVERYTHING!!!!!
  11. AlyeskaWolf

    Neith setting up her trip wires.

    She is never satisfied, lol. She is...clever...I've even noticed slight burrowing behavior!!!!! I was told in captivity that is rare. Stoked!! Oh she already has 4 large crickets in her mouth as she is doing this.
  12. AlyeskaWolf

    Neith eating and setting trip wires.

    My Rosie is voracious and soooo fun to watch. <3 First 2 images are slightly blurry sorry. She has been looking and behaving splendid! Grows more beautiful by the day. AND for those who know, she stopped climbing the tank walls!!!! Worry gone. I did raise the substrate too anyways, just in...
  13. AlyeskaWolf

    Just a quick question for tips!!!

    My Rose Hair T is about...4.5 inches...and a pretty aggressive one. Like she has zero fear. I am trying to move her out of her tank and into a critter keeper so I can raise her substrate high/clean/prepare for i think an upcoming molt...How can I do this the easiest way without her attacking, or...
  14. AlyeskaWolf

    Baby girl Neith eating last night.

    You can see her food if you look close...I really need a better camera.
  15. AlyeskaWolf

    My Rosie just scared the life out of me!

    She thinks she is arboreal...I look over, and shes hanging from the top mesh of her tank by 2 legs right with her abdomen over a clay pot. I saved her by scooting something under her and lowering her down....but how can I keep this from happening again? I'm having a mini heart attack...I heard...
  16. AlyeskaWolf

    My Other Babies!!!

    Sally!!! Sammy Doo (Recently passed, bone cancer, RIP, I miss her to death :'( ) Lol, My Fancy mouse Fuzzle!!!! Ripley. Thor and Nanook. I LOVE ALL LIFE!!!!!!
  17. AlyeskaWolf


    Ok, to explain, My G. Rosea is named after the Egyptian goddess Neith, who associates with Anubis, thus explaining why I am showing this. :) But I'll show more, This ones just too cute for me! <3 Mich Liebe, Je'Taime Mon Petite. Konoronkhwa. <3
  18. AlyeskaWolf

    Just my Flickr.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/
  19. AlyeskaWolf

    Posting a video...kinda embarrassed...

    I am trying to post a video...but I cant seem to figure it out...:oops:
  20. AlyeskaWolf

    Horned Worms?

    I was told that something called a Horned Worm makes a great treat for Tarantulas...However, Id like to confirm that here...and also, I was wondering if Superworms are ok for them?