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  1. Nunua


    Way to go dear, it's good that you let it out and vent a bit - Most of us know already that you're not the culprit and I'm pretty sure that I'm speaking for all of us when saying that we fully understand that sometimes that §hit needs to be vented out. Since I'm from Finland, I have never had a...
  2. Nunua

    Moving legs rapidly

    That looks like a clear case of dyskinetic syndrome, DKS. While the reason for tarantula to get DKS is pretty much unknown, some cases seem to second that tarantula might have been exposed to pesticides, flea treatement of other pets, cigarette smoke, house cleaning products, hair sprays, other...
  3. Nunua

    Psudoclamoris/ Tapinauchenious slings arboreal as slings?

    My two young Tapinauchenius rasti are currently using the whole enclosure (vertically standing braplast tub). They webbed pretty much everything. They also made burrows and used the excess substrate to create dirt curtains all over the place.
  4. 0.0.1 Haploclastus devamatha

    0.0.1 Haploclastus devamatha

    One day I will see more than this. One day.
  5. Nunua

    Striped knee T about to molt?

    Perfectly normal. Tarantulas sometimes just sit on one place, chilling and minding their own business. She might or might not be in premolt, or just fasting like tarantulas do.
  6. Nunua

    Young B. Emilia not eaten in over 2 weeks

    Perfectly normal. Mysmall B. auratum sling (she was still living in a small deli cup) went for months without food. As long as they have fresh water available, they are fine.
  7. Nunua

    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (GBB) Male or Female ?

    Well, the molt is upside down what comes to sexing. Hairs should be against the table surface. But I'd guess male from the second photo due this triangular area
  8. Nunua

    How long before declaring dead?

    I agree with @Rs50matt - She was an old lady so it was probably just her time. Passing away during the move seems more like an unfortunate coincidence than your mistake. Sorry for your loss :(
  9. Nunua

    What is a fast-growing new world tarantula with an even temperament?

    Nah. Genics are just greedy pigs. That voracious feeding response is too often described as them being angry, bolty etc. My girl is chill and mellow, just wants to stuff everything in her face. :P Also, every single T is an individual. You can have the most mellow P. murinus (OBT), and defensive...
  10. Nunua

    Very Concerned about my T. Albo. Wobbly Movements.

    Nice to see that your worries are now solved. Don't feel too bad about going all worrywart quickly - It's absolutely normal especially when starting the hobby :D Tarantulas are so different from cats, dogs etc that it may take some time to realize and believe that several weird "sympoms" are...
  11. Nunua

    Nunua's enclosures

    I was bored so I decorated an enclosure for my Tapinauchenius rasti female. Now I need to wait her to molt so I can move her :D
  12. Nunua

    G. pulchripes impaction/premolt?

    Tarantulas are opportunistic eaters. They keep eating until they're fat.. It's most likely because in the wild they never know when the next feeder insect goes by. They don't know that food is getting tossed into their enclosure in relatively regular manner.. People easily make the mistake of...
  13. Nunua

    Striped knee tarantula starting to dig

    The best advice is this: Just enjoy the show :D Now she's digging in that corner, but soon you may find all the substrate bulldozed into the same corner.
  14. Nunua

    How long can my T's go without eating?

    My small B. auratum sling went without food for 5 months :P
  15. Cydaea, Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli female

    Cydaea, Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli female

    Pretty girl reaching to get her meal.
  16. Nunua

    New arrivals

    Thank you @ilovebrachys and @Konstantin ! :) These kids are very typical young Tapis, hiding in a cozy burrow-dirt curtain combo and exploring at night. They both accepted a mealworm last night, so everything is well here. And yes, I do have a pair, but I'm pretty sure I won't have a...
  17. Nunua

    New arrivals

    New youngsters arrived yesterday and as you can see, they weren't too keen to introduce themselves. So say hello to two Tapinauchenius rasti (formerly Tapinauchenius sp. Caribbean Diamond) teens! Today they're both happy and hiding! :cool:
  18. Avanthi - 0.1 Poecilotheria sp. lowland

    Avanthi - 0.1 Poecilotheria sp. lowland

  19. Tabora - 0.1 Tliltocatl albopilosum 'Honduran'

    Tabora - 0.1 Tliltocatl albopilosum 'Honduran'

  20. Nunua

    Stressed about my juvenile

    Tarantulas don't really need an exact feeding schedule - They are opportunistic feeders so they often eat when food is around. This is because in the wild they may need to go for long periods without food. The instinct is built into them so it's easy to kinda overfeed your T, because they don't...