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    This is my life now... making music videos for spiders :P

    Hehehe. Starring Nefertiti, my Phidippus regius female.
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    Ventral sexing of Tlitocatl albopilosus?

    Hi, I know these pictures aren't great but it's the best I can do at the moment. Misty has decided to bury her moult right at the bottom of her burrow so I have no hope of getting it :P The question is, is Misty a male? ;) Any predictions based on these photos are welcome if possible.
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    Huntsman spider care

    Hi, I have recently got a Heteropoda javana named Lorax. However I cannot find much information online on how to care for them, beyond the species info on the Spider Shop website. In particular I wondered whether it is advisable to give true spiders of this size a water dish? Her leg-span is...
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    Enclosure for sub-adult Avic avicularia

    Hi, I am wanting to get a sub-adult Avicularia avicularia. Seeing as they need good cross-ventilation, I wondered what type of enclosure is best. The following are my two options so far (I have found it very hard to find an enclosure that is both front opening and has plenty of...
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    GBB sling lost leg :(

    Hi, Now my Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens sling, Sonic, has lost a leg. I have circled the leg hanging in the web, on the third pic. I have had him for 6 weeks and haven't noticed him moulting. He rarely moves from this area of the enclosure and doesn't bolt so it is usually quite easy to poke...
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    Lost leg :( please help

    I opened up Celeritatem's enclosure to feed, she suddenly ran out and I panicked - I put the catch cup down too fast and her leg came off :( She is a Psalmopoeus pulcher sling about 3cm leg-span. I have read that legs can re-generate with a moult but I am worried what if she is bleeding? She is...
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    How fat is my T?

    I am still getting used to what is 'normal' in each T, but I find myself one minute thinking I've over-fed, and the next thinking I've under-fed. Does Bellatrix here look skinny, healthy or fat? I am not sure how big the abdomen is meant to be in relation to the rest of the body. I get...
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    Roach breeding problems - please help!

    I don't understand why I can't breed the red runners - I thought they were hard NOT to breed? Lol. Here are the pictures of my set up. It has been over 6 weeks now since the first oothecas were laid, and still nothing :( I feel like the eggs may be drying up or being eaten. So a few days ago I...
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    Occamy's seductive web dance

    My favourite thing to watch is Ts doing their webbing and wiggling their spinnerets around ahaha :D She also waves to the camera halfway through ;) >
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    Is the GBB semi-arboreal?

    I currently have a sling and sub adult female Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Greenbottle Blue). When I search for information on these, it seems half of the care sheets/videos state that these are 'semi-arboreal', i.e. that they can live terrestrially but also do well with more branches etc to...
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    How long do oothecas take to hatch?

    I know I don't have enough roaches for a proper colony but I am wondering how long it takes for the oothecas to hatch, and whether they will eventually? It has been about a month now since the first eggs were laid, and nothing has appeared. I am keeping them around 23-25 degrees celcius during...
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    Do you prefer Old Worlds or NWs and why?

    Hi, I am just curious as to why some people prefer or equally love owning OW Ts? I have read that most of them are 'pet holes' and hardly ever seen, so I wondered what attracts people to them? Although I have no OWs myself, so far what appeals to me is the extent of web tunnelling I see some...
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    Enclosure for ~7cm aboreal

    Hi, I would like more aboreals however I am wary about whether I can house them properly currently, so I am trying to adapt a terrestrial enclosure by turning it on it's side. For an aboreal that is about 7cm (leg-span) do you think this 30cm high one would be appropriate, obviously decked out...
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    Is this a death curl? :'(

    Hi, I am pretty sure Dart (my Psalmopoeus Cambridgei) has died :'( But I am posting this for confirmation. She has not moved for the last three days, and doesn't move if I touch her gently with a soft paint brush. So that I didn't disturb her if she was moulting or something, I noted that her...
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    Is more substrate needed in here?

    Hi, The other day I moved Bellatrix (Sericopelma angustum female adult) to a new enclosure as I felt she was getting a bit big for the previous one. This one has more length however it also has a bit more height unfortunately. She likes to hang out on the plastic sides as in the picture. I...
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    Gaps in 'fur' on legs

    I don't know if this is a stupid question/whether this is normal for tarantulas, but should I be worried about those little like gaps in the 'fur' on Bellatrix's legs? Sorry the photo isn't that clear. I have also noticed them on Misty. I thought maybe it was a pre-moult thing but they are still...
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    Bean Weevil for slings

    Hi, Someone on here suggested that bean weevil is good for slings and another (I think) suggested cutting up meal-worms for them and that they keep quite a while in the fridge. Thanks very much for these suggestions - I am still trying to decide! As my micro crickets are causing issues (not...
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    Moult and mites

    Hi, I 'think' my T. albopilosus Misty has moulted. I can't be sure as she must have left it in her hide, but these are the pictures comparing her last week, and now. She looks different to me and her legs seem longer. I have never had a tarantula moult before (she is my first who I got about 2...
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    Advice for getting my first aboreal

    Hi, I am looking to get my first aboreal T soon and one of them I am wondering about is the Psalmopoeus Cambridgei, largely because it seems to be frequently stocked in the UK. I have been searching for info on it, watched a fair few youtube videos and see it can be fast and aggressive. However...
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    Enclosure for red runners

    Hi, I am getting some red runner roaches next week which I am hoping to breed for the Ts and I have a few questions about keeping them: - Is the box below suitable? I have read some of them have wings - does that mean they can fly out? - If I put ventilation holes in the lid so I can put it...