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  1. Nunua

    New arrivals

    New youngsters arrived yesterday and as you can see, they weren't too keen to introduce themselves. So say hello to two Tapinauchenius rasti (formerly Tapinauchenius sp. Caribbean Diamond) teens! Today they're both happy and hiding! :cool:
  2. Nunua

    New arrival

    A new member of the family, a young Poecilotheria sp. "lowland" girl arrived on Wednesday. I named her Avanthi, s Sinhala girl name meaning princess. Sinhalese is an ethnic group native to Sri Lanka where the species originates from. Why princess? Just because she lazily crawled out from the...
  3. Nunua

    Molt sadly gone wrong in a weird way

    I sadly lost Anki, my Sericopelma angustum juvie, today :( It was a series of unfortunate events.. In the photo Anki's already dead, pretty much fully stuck in the old exoskeleton. So what happened is that he started molting in a very tricky position: Almost like "sitting" vertically on its...
  4. Nunua

    A few rehouses

    I thought it was time to rehouse three tarantulas, even though they'd be absolutely fine for a molt or two in their previous enclosures. However, since two of them are old worlds and one mostly annoyed new world, I decided to give them plenty space to do their things without me needing to...
  5. Nunua

    Nunua's enclosures

    Ok, so far most of my enclosures are just plastic deli cups or freezer boxes but I may add some photos of them later on. However, here's ExoTerra Nano Tall (20x20x30 cm / 8x8x12 in) I decorated for my C. versicolor, Sreaky :) It's simple with just a silk plant, plastic aquarium decoration "log"...
  6. Nunua

    C. versicolor ventral shot (molt conf. female)

    Hi guys! I know that versi can be pain in the butt to sex ventrally, but I'll try my luck :D This little juvie has a DLS of around 7 cm and the molt was so tightly webbed that I wasn't able to save it - Maybe next time. It just got its first post-molt meal so the abdomen is relatively thin and...
  7. Nunua

    Loss in my small T family

    I have suffered from moderate depression lately and have had no energy to pay attention to my slings several times a week as I should've and usually do... Unfortunately this ended up in a tragedy as I found my Chilobrachys sp. Kaeng Krachan dead from dehydration today... Poor little thing had...
  8. Nunua

    Today's task: Rehousing Pterinochilus spp. ✔

    Today is the day I'm going to rehouse my speedy kids, Pterinochilus lapalala and Pterinochilus murinus Mikumi DCF. Those kids fit very well in their delicups but sometimes they become extremely enthusiastic and decide to web the lid - Everyone can guess how annoying it is to open the lid after...
  9. Nunua

    Thank you for everything, little boy. You we're an amazing dog.

    Just got a message from my mom that our beloved family dog, Eppu, will be send on the journey to the rainbow bridge tomorrow :( He was a Good boy. We got him when he was 9 months - Shy and fearful thing that looked like a polar bear. Bullied by the rest of a pack. For a male Hovawart (breed) he...
  10. Nunua

    Five new, small and fast arrivals

    After suddenly losing one of the recently gotten tarantulas, Augacephalus ezendami female, I decided that I have space to take few new babies :rolleyes: So, here are the newest purchases from Creatures From The North with one freebie :D Pterinochilus murinus DCF, supposed Mikumi locality...
  11. Nunua

    One death and an order for 4 new slings

    This was a sad day in my small tarantula family. Lakshmi, Augacephalus ezendami female that I got about a month ago has suddenly passed away :( Abdomen looks quite small from above / this angle, but is nice and plump from the side view. She was also perfectly fine yesterday evening, webbing the...
  12. Nunua

    They're here! - Waiting for new members to my bunch

    How do you know it's spring in Finland? From pollen, dust, and that I'm able to order new Ts :rolleyes: Today I dropped an order to get Ephebopus rufescens female, Augacephalus (former Ceratogyrus) ezendami female, and Harpactira cafreriana coastal local sling :beer: Shipping is going to be on...
  13. Nunua

    For everyone who is worried about their sling not [insert an activity]

    I hope this message soothes you down. Let me introduce my Brachypelma albiceps This little guy arrived 13 May 2018 as small, healthy sling. Since then, this little bugger has molted only twice (5 Sept 18, and 1 March 19) and is still living in a small plastic container. It has a good...
  14. Nunua

    Weird post molt posture(s)

    So, I was talking about this with @Enn49 around two months ago when my P. tigrinawesseli molted, and since it the same phenomenon happened again after the most recent molt I'm just curious if someone else has had similar experiences. I'm not freaking out this time because she has been perfectly...
  15. Nunua

    New family members - 4/4 have arrived!

    Two of the four new family members arrived today :T: They are tiny, adorable and so far it seems that they are in a good condition after the trip from spidershop.pl, Poland Brachypelma klaasi Brachypelma auratum Tomorrow should be a pokie time! :D
  16. Nunua

    News from my little family

    Hi everyone, been mostly lurking lately, so had a sudden urge to update what's going on with my little family :D Besides the tiny C. elegans sling passing away some time ago, no sad things have happened. Maisa (A. geniculata) is growing fast and after getting a new enclosure, she has been...
  17. Nunua

    The tiniest of them has passed away :c

    A sad day in my little T family... I don't know what happened, but I just found my tiny C. elegans sling (DLS max 0.5 cm) in a death curl. I got worried because there was no movement in its small vial, after all it was an active sling... I was thinking that it has buried in the middle of the...
  18. Nunua

    N. incei only webs one corner

    So yeah, as some of you know I got my N. incei gold from a pet store in March. She was living in a medium sized Critter Keeper and actually had a pretty nice web tunnel around a fake plant. I first put her in a 20x20x20 cm exoterra with quite a nice amount of substrate to burrow in and a cork...
  19. Nunua

    Six new babies

    I finally dropped an order in spidersworld.eu last week. The package was shipped on Monday and arrived on Friday. I was too busy to post anything yet, so here goes :T: There were no DOAs and each individual seems to be lively and in a very good shape. Caribena versicolor Brachypelma albiceps...
  20. Nunua

    Enclosure for an arboreal sling

    Since I've been throwing all my questions to @Enn49 so far, I decided to finally post an actual thread :oops: So, I ordered a small bunch of slings that should arrive next week and if nothing goes wrong, at least one of them will be an arboreal. I've been on sick leave this week, so I've had...