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  1. babyjacks

    Impaction, ruptured abdomen? Lethargic T

    Hey guys long time no post. So my c sellatus had gotten impaction, I cleaned him up every time & one time it shot out poop. Today he’s clogged up again, his abdomen looks to be see thru. Also I have noticed blood in the center under his abdomen. Is he dying? Is he in pain? Is it time to...
  2. babyjacks

    Palp Friction

    Im ordering from PFT soon, does anyone have any experience with them?(:
  3. babyjacks

    It’s a male :(

    Hasn’t molted yet but the little claws came out :( I know females can turn to males when they molt, but can males turn to females? :o
  4. babyjacks

    Urticaring hairs

    So I have my T in my room & it just kicked hairs at me bc I poked it to see if it was alive (hasn’t ate or molted since I got it 5/23/19 so I’m just curious). Is there anything that I should do so the hairs don’t get to me in my sleep? :o
  5. babyjacks

    Hasn’t ate since I got it

    Hi everyone, I got my T last Thursday 5/23/19. They told me that its feedings are Tuesdays and Thursdays. That same Thursday i got it, it didn’t eat. I tried feeding it on Tuesday but it wouldn’t take it. Gonna try again today but I’m worried. Any thoughts?
  6. babyjacks

    Coco substrate vs creature soil

    Hi everyone today I went to petco to get some coco substrate but they only had the huge bag, I only needed a bit so I got “creature soil” instead, perfect amount I needed. But is it ok for a T? I know in its previous enclosure it had coco substrate. Is my T safe?
  7. babyjacks

    Is my T ok in temp change for a bit?

    Today I got a dwarf c. Sellatus/copper heart (that’s what it said in the sticker) at my local pet store and when I got home and admired it I noticed little holes(?) in its abdomen/butt I’m not sure what the correct term is lol (pls educate me),i am aware that I’ve altered its...
  8. babyjacks

    Should I be worried?

    So today I got a dwarf c. Sellatus and he/she climbed on the enclosure top (which is not secured at all) and I was wondering if I should get an enclosure with a lock/latch? I’m just scared it’ll come out when I’m not home. It’s about the size of a thumb btw. (Also I’m not sure if it’s a c...
  9. babyjacks

    US Looking for F c.elegans!

    Hi everyone, my name is Jackie I’m 21 and i was scared of arachnids my whole life until about 3 weeks ago when I found a YouTube channel dedicated mostly to tarantulas. I couldn’t stop watching and I stopped being scared of arachnids so much so that I have decided to get a T. I want to start...