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  1. Rs50matt

    It finally happened :)

    So I don’t know how long ago I first became aware of this species but it’s been years and I knew I had to get one. Came close a few months back as we managed to order the last one but before it was sent it died to a molt :(. Anyway. This morning we received a juvenile female Eucratoscelus...
  2. Rs50matt

    Fridays special addition :)

    So yeah. Our additions have slowed down and we have almost stopped but some things you can’t turn your nose up at. so yeah, she’s only found the impossible. Af H Chilensis :):D
  3. Rs50matt

    Step aside Sherlock, ilovebrachys has taken your place.

    So over the last 2 weeks we’ve received spider mail almost every day of multiple boxes ( 98 spiders in all) some of them are some very nice finds. I’ll list below (unsexed unless stated :) ) and post some pictures (not of all) :) Aphonopelma Seemani Bcf Af Avicularia Avicularia sub adult x3...
  4. Rs50matt

    More newbies.

    Af G RoseaJuv Female G Iheringi T Cupreus x2 also received a H sp. Colombia , 2x L Striatipes and 2x L Polycuspulatus but numb nuts heremanaged to delete the pictures. Will be receiving an Af A Chalcodes (gimp) tomorrow so I’ll add a picture then :)
  5. Rs50matt


    G iheringiC cyanognathus T Albopilosus (ometepe island) L L Difficilus P Cambridgei
  6. Rs50matt

    More arrivals

    4 freebies and 2 purchased Ts came this morning. Tliltocatl Sabulosus Harpactirella OverdijkiCyriocosmus AueriDavis PentalorisOrphnaecus sp Cebu (It’s small :) )Harpactira Baviana
  7. Rs50matt

    Rehouse day + 2 new arrivals

    The dreaded day was here but everything went without a hitch. 2x P Striata slings arrived this morning in exchange for a H Gigas Mm so that was nice. E Uatuman C Marshalli P Sazimai female Unknown Viking sling as we call it :) C Darlingi female P Lugardi 1 of the 2 P Striata slings O sp...
  8. Rs50matt

    More Freebies :)

    The gift that keeps on giving. Today we recieved 5 more Ts for the extortionate price of shipping.... Selenocosmia Kovariki (female) Pamphobeteus sp Platyomma Cyclosternum sp CundinamarcaHarpactira sp Black Lyrognathus Giannisposatoi Will add to this tomorrow as well be receiving some more...
  9. Rs50matt

    New arrivals and some rehousing.

    Had 5 new arrivals today. B Auratum T Rasti H Gigas A Purpurea Also recieved D Exilis but couldn’t get a picture other rehousings were A Peru purple , H Sanguiniceps , A Crinirufum D Pentaloris x2 , T Albopilosus , A Serratum C Lividum x2 , B Epicureanism and P Ecclesiasticus Oh yeah. And...
  10. Rs50matt

    Recently molted but unsure.

    Bought as a B auratum but recently molted and I’m now questioning. I know they are part of “the red legs” but don’t know if they go through this phase as slings or not. About an inch btw @Phil @Casey K.
  11. Rs50matt

    Europe Spider Planet

    Received order this morning. Both Ts were in good condition , packed really well and my favourite part... came with ready to attatch Labels. There is a minimum order of £20 but how often do we order Ts and spend less? :) Emil is polish but based in High Wycombe so delivery is next day Would...
  12. Rs50matt

    Ts for Tuesdays

    Had a parcel this morning from a new (to us) seller Spider Planet. We'll put a review in the correct place but was all good if you can't be bothered to look :) Full of attitude but was all good Ornithoctonus Aureotibialis (2cm) After seeing Octanejunkie get one and never seeing them...
  13. Rs50matt

    Additions day :)

    3 new slings this morning Idiothele Mira ^cyriopagopus Minax (umphang) ^Avicularia Avicularia ^
  14. Rs50matt

    Ts that don't meet expectations.

    Just a curiosity thread to be honest to find out what people have experienced. Everyone's heard the stories of Obts being angry all the time, A Chalcodes being chill but doesn't eat , Pokies are bolt machines and many more. But I'm interested in people's actual experiences and not stories...
  15. Rs50matt

    New additions day :)

    Chilobrachys Huahini ^ Grammostola Iheringi ^ ours recently moulted and sexed male so start growing another one :) Hysterocratus sp. Cameroon ^ Feather legged millipede x2 ^ (both look the same so no point posting picture of more than one. Also received a Eresus Moravicus (ladybird spider)...
  16. Rs50matt

    Completing Genus’

    Recieved 2 orders today. 1 from TSS and 1 from Creatures from the north. 2x P Emeraldus P Hanumavilasumica N Chromatus E Cyanognathus S Sericeus This means we now have all available species of Pokie (14) and just have to wait for them to grow now :)
  17. Rs50matt

    "volcano" hide

    ive seen it mentioned before but never seen a T produce one and i thought it was interesting :D Cyriopagopus Vonworthi btw :)
  18. Rs50matt

    Af Obt death

    So last night we noticed our af obt had flipped over and was in our eyes starting the moulting process. This afternoon on closer inspection she has died but we don’t know why. There’s fluid coming from her mouth so we believe she went to moult but ran into issues? She’s not eaten for a while...
  19. Rs50matt

    Mm H Mac?

    Just asking as not too sure. I know they don’t develop hooks but it looks and acts like an Mm but hasn’t created a sperm web nor does it look obvious that it’s matured. Was wondering if someone was able to offer their opinion :) Picture quality is t amazing but it’s not the easiest to get a...
  20. Rs50matt

    Grown on Pulchras

    Just a heads up for anyone looking to get a Pulchra the spidershop uk have some grown on slings available (4-6cm (2" for older generation)) :p Just incase someone's been looking and hasn't seen :)